Friday, October 31, 2014

Galaxy Alien; Halloween Glam

Happy Halloween!!~ I came across this picture on Melt Cosmetic's Instagram page and instantly felt inspired. I have been hoarding this picture around in my camera roll, knowing that I wanted to recreate it, and figured Halloween would be the perfect occasion to give it a go! You have probably noticed by now how much my obsession with glitter grows during the Halloween season, so of course I fell in love with the idea of covering half my face in it! 

Although I did refer to this picture throughout the beginning of creating the look, I ultimately let my imagination and creativity take over. About halfway through, I realized how galactic I was becoming and decided to really play up that idea to transform into this glam galaxy alien!

I'll say it again, sometimes painting your d├ęcolletage makes for the best costume. I wanted to appear as if I was a haunting- but alluring creature of the galaxy. By incorporating the colors from my forehead I was able to create the galaxy print on my neck area. To achieve this cosmic look, I used a combination of disposable sponges and blending brushes to apply colors and face paint.
Despite using hairspray for the areas where I wanted the glitter to be more concentrated, it adhered nicely on it's own, to not only my d├ęcolletage but to my face as well. 

*products used:
TOO FACED: Shadow Insurance
BH COSMETICS: Day & Night Palette- Light Taupe (inner corner)
MORPHE BRUSHES: ES51 (crease & lower lash line)
LAURA MERCIER: Gold Thread Liquid Liner
URBAN DECAY: Honey(to emphasize gold liner)
NYC: Black Pencil Liner
URBAN DECAY: Fishnet (smoke out eyes/transition shade for forehead)
KARDASHIAN BEAUTY: Scintillate Lashes

SMASHBOX: Hydrating Primer
REVLON: Colorstay Foundation
L.A. GIRL: HD Pro Concealer
MAC: Taupe (to contour)
MORPHE BRUSHES: ES51 (to deepen contour)
URBAN DECAY: Fishnet (highlight)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- Iridescent Pigment (highlight all highpoint of face)
FANTASY MAKERS: Confetti Glitter (highlight cheekbones)

RUBIES: Black Cream Makeup (found at Target)
URBAN DECAY: Crave (to set black face paint)
URBAN DECAY: Fishnet (add dimension)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- Light & Dark Gray Shades(add dimension)
BH COSMETICS: Day & Night Palette- Light Taupe Shade(add dimension)
MAC: Idol Eyes (add dimension)
FANTASY MAKERS: Confetti Glitter
NYX: Glitter- Gold

MAC: Lipliner- Stone (to line & fill in)
NYX: Macaron Lippie- Black Sesame(to give a gradient effect)
URBAN DECAY: Fishnet (to give a gradient effect)

RUBIES: Black Cream Makeup
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- Dark Gray Shade
MAC: Idol Eyes
FANTASY MAKERS: Confetti Glitter
NYX: Glitter- Gold

Monday, October 27, 2014

MAd HatTeR; Halloween Glam

"There is a place. Like no place on Earth.
A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger!
Some say to survive it, you need to be as
Mad as a Hatter. Which luckily I am."
For whatever reason, Halloween this year has been a challenging one- costume wise. I pondered ideas for WEEKS on what I wanted to wear to a costume party this past weekend, and could not make up my mind! Thankfully, I have lots of concepts for Halloween makeup, and a closet full of gaudy accessories that helped me achieve this last minute- but pretty awesome Mad Hatter Halloween glam!

This Mad Hatter makeup is one you can truly have fun with; let your creativity take over and put your own spin on it. Like myself, for instance. I knew I wanted to incorporate the colors in my jacket, while looking for inspiration from Tim Burton's version of the Mad Hatter as well. The cool part, you don't have to make it perfect- we're mad! No matter what skill level, you will be able to achieve this look!

For my eyes, I really wanted to play up the fact that I'm mad, by using the same color shadows but varying the placement per eye. This is where inspiration from both Johnny Depp and my jacket came into place. 

The Mad Hatter's color of choice is orange, so I definitely wanted to use this as my crease/transition shade not only for my eyes, but throughout the entire [makeup] look. I wanted my eyes to be very colorful and overdone, almost watercolor like. The key to this is blending. 

Of course I had to use glitter in this look somehow, and once again chose my brows! The Mad Hatter rocks very long, un-tamed brows. By using a variation of shadows and a lip pencil, I was able to fill in and thicken my brows before applying the glitter.

Because the eyes were the main focus, I wanted to keep my lips somewhat simple. I decided on an ombre lips that also incorporated like colors to balance the overall look. 

*Morphe Brushes 28F palette, I used for the majority of the look. Placement of colors listed below!*

*products used:
TOO FACED: Shadow Insurance
URBAN DECAY: Strange (highlight brow bone)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- #6 (crease color/smoke out around eyes)
#8 (to deepen the crease)
#7 (lid color -used eyedrops to intensify pigment)
#10 (outer v of crease)
NYX: Jumbo Pencil- Milk (waterline)
SMASHBOX: Layer Lash Primer (to make lashes white)

inner corner of right eye/lower part of left eye:
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- #2 & #5
MAC: Chrome

inner corner of left eye/lower part of right eye:
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- #9

NYX: Lip Pencil- 839 Dolly Pink (to shape)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- #3 & #4
Pink Craft Glitter from Michaels

SMASHBOX: Hydrating Primer
SMASHBOX: Photo Finish Primer
REVLON: Colorstay Foundation
L.A. GIRL: HD Pro Concealer- Natural Ivory
NYX: Jumbo Pencil - Milk (to highlight/whiten under-eye, t-zone, underneath contour)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- #1(to set NYX Pencil)
#8(to warm up cheeks)
#10(to deepen contour)
#3,#4,#6(to contour nose)
STILA: Countless Color Pigments- Finale(to slightly blush cheeks)
CHARLOTTE RONSON: 3X a Charm Palette- White Luminizer Powder(to highlight)

JORDANA: Cabernet
MAYBELLINE: Vivids- 880 Electric Orange
MAYBELLINE: Vivids- 860 Pink Pop(center of lips)

LOREAL: Elnett
STAR QUALITY: Bright Color Hairspray- White(to lighten hair)
STAR QUALITY: Bright Color Hairspray- Pink
*hair color & mini Top Hat from Target

"We're all mad here."

Friday, October 24, 2014

BTS: Chicks N Kicks ft Priya B

October is national Domestic Violence Awareness month. Chicks N Kicks is working to keep you informed throughout the month by providing facts and real life stories with the help of some local beauties, and survivors of domestic violence.
 I had the honor of teaming up with to glam these babes, and get involved in making a difference.

You might know Priya's voice before you recognize her face, but there's no doubt that this girl's natural beauty is just as enticing! Being a radio host, Priya has the ability to not only entertain women, but to empower them as well. Through positivity- whether it be with laughs or with words- Priya is helping women everywhere know they are capable of overcoming any hardship, while coming out stronger and wiser than before.

For Priya's glam, we wanted something that would play up her features, while staying true to the color of DVA. We kept the focus on her eyes, taking inspiration from Oraph's purple look on the October cover of O Magazine. 

You can check out final looks, plus the full interview over at

& be sure to catch Priya on K104's "At Work Party" every weekday! 

*(key)products used:
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- Purple Shades
LOREAL: Voluminous
BH COSMETICS: Concealer Palette- carve out & highlight brows/brow bone


LA GIRL: HD Pro Concealer
MAC: Studio Fix Powder
BEN NYE: Banana Powder
BH COSMETICS: 10 Color Blush Palette- Terra Cotta Shades
NYX: Rituel



big thanks to Channing at, Jason of WMS Photography for the beautiful shots, & my bestie Valerie for these behind the scenes moments! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Golden Goddess; Halloween Glam

Halloween is more than just a candy filled holiday. To makeup lovers it's a day/night (sometimes a whole month) to transform into anything or anyone our hearts desire!

I was not too sure what I wanted to do for my first Halloween look, but the creative bug bit me last night and a Golden Goddess is what I came up with! While this look is fairly easy to achieve, you can really tailor it to your liking. No matter what skin tone or face shape, this look is universally flattering- let your creativity shine through and have fun with it!

This look definitely combines two of my favorite things, gold & dewy, glowing skin. The best part of this glam is the combination of 
drugstore and high-end products. I'm a huge believer in inexpensive makeup. Sure, I love my high-end brands, and sometimes you really do get what you pay for; but every now and then you come across a product and feel like it's wrong that something so great can be so inexpensive!

For instance, the Forever 21 palette I used on my eyes. I pulled this little gem out from the back of my makeup drawers, and instantly felt regret for not doing this sooner! Seriously, the shadows are so pigmented and velvety! Plus, I knew how perfect the gold and copper shades would be for this look. 

The fun part was transforming myself into gold! I contoured my face per usual, and added Lorac's Tantilizer to my cheeks. This allowed for a little definition while still staying true to the overall look and feel. Because I am so fair skinned, I used a darker foundation to warm up my neck area -- this is also a great way to fake a costume -- then began using gold-toned products to bring color and glow to my face and body.

For the glitter, I found that hairspray is the best adhesive. I used Vidal Sassoon aka the stickiest hairspray I own. Just spray a little on the area and pat on the glitter. I also found that using your fingers to do this is best. 

I used this same technique to apply the glitter throughout my hair and on my hairline. As far as my hairstyle, I just re-created the same sleek style from my Kim Kardashian inspired look. Annnd of course, it wouldn't be Halloween if I didn't rock some glitter brows!

*products used:
LORAC: Behind the Scenes- Eye Primer
BH COSMETICS: 12 color concealer palette (to carve out brows)
LORAC: Au Naturel (brow bone)
MAC: Soft Brown (transition shade)
FOREVER 21: 16 Shade Shimmery Shadow Palette- Gold & Copper Shades
MORPPHE BRUSHES: ES22 & ES24 (blend inner & outer V & lower lash line)
URBAN DECAY: Crave (outer V & lower lash line)
CLINIQUE: Quickliner- Really Black
LAURA MERCIER: Gold Thread Liquid Liner (inner corner)
NYX: Glitter- Gold (inner corner)
MAYBELLINE: Great Lash (light coat on top & bottom lashes)
SMASHBOX: Limitless Waterproof Brows

SMASHBOX: Photofinish Primer
REVLON: Colorstay
LA GIRL: Pro Concealer- Classic Ivory
MAC: Prolongwear Concealer
ANASTASIA BH: Banana (set under eye area)
ANASTASIA BH: Java (contour shade)
LORAC: Tantilizer (bronzer/cheek color)
LAURA MERCIER: Mineral Illuminating Powder- Starlight(cheekbone highlight)
NYX: Illuminator- Rituel (cheekbone highlight)

MAYBELLINE: Dream Liquid Mousse- Sandy Beige (darken neck)
LA GIRL: Pro Concealer- Natural (darken neck)

SMASHBOX: The Nude Lip Pencil- Medium
NARS: Moon Fleet

*NYX: Glitter- Gold used for brows, hair, and neck

psst! remember when using drugstore/ less expensive eyeshadows, investing in a good primer is key! This makes a huge difference, not only in longevity, but how well they blend into other shadows as well. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Transition into fall with Too Faced

One thing I love about makeup is how easily you can take your favorite looks from season to season! For instance, this look I created on my sister, Rachel, using Too Faced's A Few of My Favorite Things palette (from last years holiday collection). Because this palette contains a range of colors from neutral mattes to shimmery cool tones, it is not only gorgeous but versatile as well. Too Faced's eyeshadows are among my favorites, for they are extremely blend-able and creamy no matter the texture, making it easy to create any look you desire!

Keeping the focus on the cooler toned shadows in the palette helps this look become more fall appropriate, for these shades are more popular in the colder months. While adding warmth throughout the look provides depth, and a healthy glow you can rock no matter what season we're in!

Make this look even more glam (and fitting for fall) by switching the lip from a nude, to a rich cranberry!

*products used:
TOO FACED: Shadow Insurance
MAC: Soft Brown
TOO FACED: A Few of My Fav Things-
Chocolate Milk
Crisp Apple Strudel
Woolen Mittens
NYC: Liquid Liner
TOO FACED: Better than Sex Mascara
SMASHBOX: Limitless Brows

SMASHBOX: Hydrating Primer
REVLON: Colorstay
MAC: Prolongwear Concealer
MAC: Taupe
TOO FACED: Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
MAC: Mocha
NYX: Rituel

MAC: Cream Cup
NARS: Turkish Delight

Friday, October 10, 2014

BTS: Chicks N Kicks ft. Crissy Henderson

October is national Domestic Violence Awareness month. Chicks N Kicks is working to keep you informed throughout the month by providing facts and real life stories with the help of some local beauties, and survivors of domestic violence.
 I had the honor of teaming up with to glam these babes, and get involved in making a difference.

Glam sessions with Crissy are always a good time, full of girl talk and giggles. It was good to share this moment with her, and to hear more about her new cosmetics line Willow Grace Beauty. A brand that not only gives back by helping women and children through domestic violence, but empowering them as well.

You can check out final looks, and Crissy's full story over at!

*(key)products used:
URBAN DECAY: Deluxe Shadow Box Palette
MAC: Soft Brown
WET N WILD: Black Cream Liner
LOREAL: Voluminous
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F palette- Iridescent Pigment

L.A. GIRL: HD Pro Concealer
MAC: Studio Fix Powder
BH COSMETICS: 10 color blush palette- Lavender/Pink Shade
BENEFIT: Dandelion

OCC: Lip Tar- Hoochie
NYX: Macaron Lippie- Black Sesame
MAC: Viva Glam- Nicki 2

CONAIR: Curling Wand
LOREAL: Elnett

big thanks to Channing at, Jason of WMS Photography for the beautiful shots, and my bestie Valerie for these behind the scenes moments! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tuesdays Tips; How to fake a fuller pout, without liner!

Let's be real, everyone doesn't overdraw their lips. Personally, I love doing this to fake a fuller pout, but I also understand that it is not for everyone. Overdrawn lips is a big trend we have seen gain popularity over the past few seasons, thank you Kylie Jenner, but this little trick has actually been around for quite some time. While overdrawing is one way to fake the appearance of bigger lips, it is not the only one. This week I'm going to share three tips for all my ladies who want the fuller, plumper lip without the pencil!

Start with a base color, this will be the main shade on your lips. 

1. Pick a lipstick one to two shades lighter than your base color, and apply it to the center of your lips. 

2. Take your favorite bronzer, or contour shade and apply it right beneath your bottom lip.

3. Last but not least, use your favorite highlighter (liquid, cream, or powder) and a small shading brush, to outline your cupids bow.

Think of these tricks in the same way we use tricks to contour our face. When we want a feature to stand out we bring light to it, when we want to bring depth we add darkness. Because we want our lips to appear plumper, we must add dimension. Bringing light to the center, or naturally the fullest part of our lips, makes that area "pop"; creating a shadow underneath lips gives the appearance of poutier lips, while highlighting the cupids bow brings light to another area we want to stand out or appear fuller.

*products used:
nude lip;
NYX: Soft Matte Lip Cream- Cairo
MAYBELLINE: 910- Bare All
NYX: Rituel

pink lip;
MAC: Candy Yum-Yum
MAYBELLINE: 860- Pink Pop

REAL TECHNIQUES: Duo Fiber- Contour Brush & Accent Brush