Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Glampire; Halloween Glam

It's finally that time of year!
This Halloween look came to be in the same way most of my best looks do, at 3am with no direction. 
Maybe it truly is the witching hour...

I knew I wanted my first look to be something a little deadly with a hint of glam, but also my take on something that has been overly done in previous years. Being inspired by the multiple tv shows and movies that showcase vampires in a more sexy and mysterious sort of way, I came up with a glampire!
She is just that, alive and mysterious in a way that entices her victim (probably a man), but desperate enough that she needs his blood to survive and continue living her fabulous undead life!

To start this look, I used the white shade from my Morphe Brushes cream contour palette & a little bit of my lightest foundation to white out my face, essentially making me look dead. Then taking a gray shadow, I started to carve out and define my face, because even though we are dead, we're still glamorous and still need a fierce contour! I incorporated the same warm tones on my eyes to warm up my skin, blending them in with the contours of my face.

For my eyes, I did a super blended, undone kind of smokey eye using the Morphe Brushes 28 F palette and Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows. I started with red tones blending them in the inner corners, and up towards the brows. This creates depth in a deadly way to the eyes.
Then with a mixture of purples, grays and browns I continued to blend and smoke out the colors all the way around the eyes, really hollowing out the lower part giving that bruised, tired feel. While this look is "messy", I still wanted the lines to be very soft with little sight of any demarcation between colors. To finish off the eyes and really add the glam, I applied a crisp winged liner & full wispy lashes.

Using the same method and colors I created the bite marks on neck. 

To make this glampire look even more halloweeny, I added some fake blood to the corner of my mouth and the bites on my neck. 
* I picked this fake blood up at my local Halloween store, and while it served it's purpose for photos, it was not very realistic in person. Nor did it drip and move like I would've liked it too. I would suggest purchasing a different kind, or just watering down some red lipstick.*

I absolutely loved how my glampire turned out, and think it is the perfect costume if you're still on the fence on what to be for Halloween this year- as you can see it is super simple to create! You can truly make her as glam or as dead as you want. 
Some ghostly shadows, personality, and lots of blending is all it takes for this glampire to come to life!

*products used:

TOO FACED: Shadow Insurance
RCMA: Translucent Powder (to set eyeshadow primer)
Matte Red Shade (inner corners- up to brow bone/ lower lashline)
Shimmer & Matte Gray Shades (to smoke/ add definition & darkness to eyes)
ANASTASIA BH: Aubergine 
(all blended in inner & outer corners/ lower lash line)
ANASTASIA BH: Chic (wet with fix +, on center of lid)
MAC: Studio Fix Powder (to blur out edges)
NYC: Liquid Liner
MAKEUP FOR EVER: Aqua Eyes (line water line)
ANASTASIA BH: Coal (smoke out & set liner)
COVERGIRL: Lash Blast Mascara
ARDELL: Double Up- 203
NYX: Micro Brow Pencil- Brunette
ANASTASIA BH: Coal (deepen color of brows)

MARIO BADESCU: Rose Facial Spray (hydrate & prime face)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 06CF Palette- White Shade
LOREAL: True Match Foundation (mixed with the white cream shade)
RCMA: Translucent Powder (to set foundation)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- Matte Gray Shade (to contour hollow out face)
ANASTASIA BH: Havana & Aubergine (to warm up face)
CITY COLOR: Contour Effects 2 Palette- White Highlight Shade (highlight high points)

MAKEUP FOR EVER: Aqua Eyes (line lips)
ANASTASIA BH: Trust Issues

*fake blood is from Spirit Halloween
** I got this necklace from Sam Moon about three years ago

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

BCA Think Pink; Barbie Girl

Besides October being known for all things Halloween, it's also full of all things pink. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I also wanted to embrace all things pink and create a fun look on my sister.

I chose to do this look on my sister, Rachel because although we have similar features, the overall structure of our face differs. I also wanted to show how pinks can flatter women who have lighter and warmer hair versus something flat and cool toned like mine. 

Personally, I think pinks are overlooked in the makeup world especially when it comes to eyeshadow. I mean how many palettes do you own that contain a pink shade that never gets touched?! When it comes to pinks, the majority of us think lipstick, summertime, and the occasional pop of party pink blush. I wanted to showcase how you can use those lonely pink eyeshadows in a wearable, fun way!

For Rachel's eyes I used a variety of different colors within the same toned family, and did what I like to call a sandwich technique. This is where the lighter color remains on the center of the lid, while a gradient of darker colors halo on the outsides (inner & outer corners). This technique accentuates the center, or colored part of the eyes, letting them stand out in an untraditional way. 

Pink eyeshadow on the lower lash line is another one of those areas where most shy away from. By incorporating warmth through the use of orange shadow you avoid the look of puffy allergy, irritated eyes. Using a soft black shadow to define also helps to add dimension to the lower eye area, once again avoiding the look of being sick.

We knew that finishing with this Miley, Viva Glam lipstick and lipglass would be everything for this look! Also being dimensional, this lip combo does not compete with the other colors used throughout the look, it just flows nicely from one focal point to the next.

Keeping the rest of the face bronzy, versus adding pops of pink to the cheeks also helps the monochromatic feel of this look stay sexy, not scary.

*products used:

TOO FACED: Shadow Insurance
ANASTASIA BH: Dusty Rose (crease/transition)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette: Dark Shimmer Pink (inner & outer corners)
URBAN DECAY: Woodstock (deepen inner & outer corners/ lower lash line)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette: Purple & Shimmer Red (deepen inner & outer corners)
Light Pink Shade (middle of lid)
THE BALM COSMETICS: Mineral Eyeshadow Pigment- Work is overrated (wet with fix +, packed on center of lid)
LOVE & BEAUTY: Illuminating Powder- Champagne (highlight inner corners)
WET N WILD: Black Cream Liner
MAYBELLINE: Great Lash Mascara
NYX: Micro Eyebrow Pencil- Brunette & Taupe
L.A GIRL: HD Concealer- Porcelain (carve out brows)
ANASTASIA BH: Orange You Fancy (lower lash line)
ANASTASIA BH: Noir (define lower lashes)

MARIO BADESCU: Rose Facial Spray (to hydrate)
SMASHBOX: Primer Water
REVLON: Colorstay Foundation
L.A GIRL: HD Concealer- Almond (to contour)
CITY COLOR: Orange Concealer (to color correct under eyes)
L.A GIRL: HD Concealer- Porcelain (conceal/ highlight)
RCMA: Transculent Powder (to bake undereyes/highlight areas)
MAC: Studio Fix (set foundation)
BEN NYE: Cameo (brighten under eyes)
STILA: Sun Bronzer- 02 (bronze)
THE BALM COSMETICS: Betty-Lou Manizer (blush)
THE BALM COSMETICS: Mary-Lou Manizer (highlight)
LOVE & BEAUTY: Illuminating Powder- Champagne (highlight)

NYX: Lip Liner- Cherry
MAC: Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick & Lipglass

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stone Cold Fox

Can we just talk about this lipstick...

Ever since I picked this lippie up in my last Ulta haul (which you can check out here) I have been  d y i n g  to wear it. With it being October, aka the month of Halloween, I feel like it's the perfect time to pull out my "weird" makeup and really let my creative vibes run wild!

This lipstick is one of NYX Cosmetics new suede cream liquid to matte lipsticks and despite it's non-traditional color, I wanted to showcase it in a more wearable way. By using shades and tones that compliment the tones of the lipstick, the overall look remains balanced. This is also a great makeup look to transition into the fall season, for the warm rich browns and burnt oranges are specific to this time of year. 

I wanted to pair this dramatic lip choice with a dramatic style of eyeshadow, only toned down. A subtle, blended cut crease balances the bold lip for it gives a more watercolor effect on the eyes, without loosing definition. While the drama of the winged liner and fluttery lashes elongate eyes also complimenting the lip choice.

Like I said, this is a beautiful look for fall -and a very versatile one. If the bold, cool toned colored lip isn't your thing, or if you haven't quite jumped on the color lipstick bandwagon finish this look off with your favorite fall lippie. Whether it be a rich cranberry, deep red, or classic warm nude!

*products used:

LORAC: Behind the Scenes eye shadow primer
BODYOGRAPHY: Galaxy (brow bone)
ANASTASIA BH: Shadow Couture Palette-
Soft Peach (transition shade/ blend out lower lash line)
Morocco (crease/ lower lash line)
Fudge (outer v)
Chic (lid)
ANASTASIA BH: Dusty Rose (transition/blend outer v and lid color)
WET N WILD: Black Cream Liner (both wing & water line)
COVERGIRL: Lash Blast Mascara
NYX: Micro Brow Pencil
ANASTASIA BH: Clear Brow Gel

SMASHBOX: Primer Water
MAYBELLINE: Better Skin foundation
L.A GIRL: HD Pro Concealer
COVERGIRL: Ready, Set, Gorgeous Concealer (to brighten/ highlight t zone)
SMASHBOX: Contour Stick Trio- Contour
BEN NYE: Cameo Powder (to set under eyes/ highlighted areas)
TOO FACED: Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer- Carrie & Big (set contour/bronze)
ANASTASIA BH: Havana (blush)
Betty-Lou Manizer (more blush/highlight cheeks)
Mary-Lou Manizer (highlight)

NYX: Lip liner- Black Berry
NYX: Suede Cream Lipstick- Stone Fox

*jacket- Forever 21

Sunday, October 4, 2015

September Top 5 Beauty Favs

With all the new makeup collections coming out, throughout September I found myself reaching for the same ol' products while I anxiously waited for my goodies to arrive! With that said, I thought I would do something a little different this month (seeing as how I have not skipped a favorites post all year and couldn't start now), by featuring not only just beauty favs but some random fall inspired products as well!

the Balm, Betty-Lou Manizer:
Being completely obsessed with her sister, Mary-Lou, I thought it was finally time to show Betty some love. This shadow, bronzer, and highlight will have everyone thinking you're entering the fall season with a gorgeous "I spent all summer on the beach" glow! I have used this product in place of my blush, for it's terra-cotta undertones compliment many eye and lip looks. Betty-Lou is also a gorgeous highlight for all my darker complected babes.

Bath & Body Works, Marshmallow Fireside Candle:
I picked this candle up right when B&BW released their seasonal collection, and couldn't wait to start burning it-even if it is still sunny and 95 degrees in Dallas. A delicious blend of toasted marshmallows, woods, and vanilla fill your home with that cozy, warm feeling of fall. Seriously this candle reminds me of flannels, boots, and sitting outside in the crisp fall air!

Lorac, Alter Ego Lipstick- Centerfold:
Because you can never have too many nude lipsticks! Everything Lorac puts out is gold, and this lippie does not fall short. Formulated with antioxidants like acai berry, pomegranate, and grape seed, as well as vitamins c & e, this lipstick not only provides intense pigment but a hydrating long wear. Centerfold is an opaque, neutral nude with a matte finish.

Real Techiniques, Sculpting Brush:
Being a fan of these brushes, I was surprised to find I did not have this one in my collection. This brush really is the perfect "sculpting" brush when it comes to contouring. Blends out creams seamlessly, and applies just the right amout of product. The shape of this brush is also ideal for creating a fierce clean contour line.

Coffee Mate, Spiced Latte Coffee Creamer:
Yes you read that correctly, I am featuring a coffee creamer in this months favorites. If you know  anything about me, it's that my body bleeds coffee- my beauty room should basically just be Central Perk! A heavenly blend of creamy vanilla with a little hint of spice, had me running to my fridge every morning instead of the Starbucks drive-thru for my typical chai tea latte. This creamer may be limited edition to this time of year, so stock up while you can- I definitely am!

*nails: OPI- Barefoot in Barcelona

Until next month...