Thursday, October 13, 2016

Forget FOMO and GOMO with Eventbrite!

We've all heard of FOMO (fear of missing out), but what if we could stop that sense and start GOMO...

I love the idea of Going Out More Often- shoutout to Eventbrite for this brite idea- and wanted to showcase how my friends and I spent a fall night, plus some other way to squash FOMO! Because let's face it, Netflix and chill will always be there.

Fall time in Dallas = the State Fair. I mean, you can practically smell the fried goodness in the air October 1st! So I got the gang together one night to experience this Texas tradition. 

The fair is all about the food. From the cult favorites like corn dogs, turkey legs, and funnel cakes, to the crazy award-winning concoctions!
Games, rides, and attractions will have you laughing off all the calories while brining out your inner child. 

We laughed, we danced, and we snap chatted (👻:djkiitty), but most importantly we enjoyed our time together and the memories we made!

Before we talk about other ways to embrace GOMO, let's talk this fair night glam. 
I wanted something no-fuss, comfortable, but still chic. I opted for two things that never let me down, a top-knot and my go-to glam! 

Bronzed, glowing skin, and lots of lashes will make it seem as if you spent tons of time in front of the mirror, while a topknot is effortlessly cool and keeps hair out of your face (and your lipgloss).
I traded my heels for my sneaks, grabbed a fair appropriate clutch, and threw on a lightweight knit. Weather is Dallas is always bi-polar, so this sweater can also double as an accessory around your waist!

Some other ways you, your family, and your friends can leave FOMO behind:

-- Grab your girl gang, head to a pumpkin patch then go home and see who can create the best jack-o-lantern.

-- Sports are huge this time of year and what's better than watching it on tv with your friends, watching it live in person! Really get into the team spirit with matching gear, foam fingers, and all the stadium food!

-- Outside art festivals or concerts. A chance to enjoy the breezy weather, experience new artists, and meet new people.

-- Brunch in the park. Get your girls together, cook all of your favorite brunch foods, pack them in a cute basket and enjoy them at your local park. You'll save money and make memories!

I hope this post inspires you to GOMO and start your own fall bucket list!

 Life is too short to not go out have fun, and enjoy it with the ones you love!

Thanks again to Eventbrite for encouraging us all to forget FOMO. Be sure to check out their website for all the tools you need for your next big event!

*outfit deets:

white tank (underneath sweater): TOPSHOP
similar- here, & here
sweater: HOLLISTER
similar- here
jeans: ZARA
similar- herehere, & here
shoes: VANS- here
clutch: SAM MOON
similar- here & here
choker: WINDSOR
similar- here, & here

*makeup deets:

LA GIRL: HD Concealer (to prime)
MAC: Give Me Sun Bronzer (in the crease/ lower lash-line)
THE BALM: Mary-Lou Manizer (inner corner/ lid)
COVERGIRL: Lash Blast Mascara
SALON PERFECT: #615 Lashes
NYX: Micro Brow Pencil- Ebony
ANASTASIA BH: Clear Brow Gel

MARIO BADESCU: Rose Facial Spray
SMASHBOX: Hydrating Under Eye Primer
TOO FACED: Born This Way Foundation
RCMA: Foundation Palette (cream contour)
LA GIRL: HD Concealer- Classic Ivory & Porcelain
RCMA: No Color Powder (to set)
MAC: Give Me Sun Bronzer
THE BALM: Mary-Lou Manizer
ANASTASIA BH: Gleam Glow Kit- Crushed Pearl (extra highlight)
MAC: Melba 

OCC: Pennyroyal Lipliner
ANASTASIA BH: Liquid Lipstick- Pure Hollywood

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Turn Up Date Night with TURO

Imagine spending the night cruising the city in your dream car, or having your date pick you up in a classic town car- Carrie and Big style. That's exactly how Turo can turn up your date night!

With hundreds of different cars from classic to rare, and rates at 30% less than most rental car agencies, Turo is like the Air BnB of cars!
Sign up, choose your date and location, browse through all the unique models, pick up your car and let the date night begin!

Okay so you rented a car, now what?! With the help of, I put together a list of things to do to switch up your date night! Plus, a glam look both you and your man will love!

💗  Unleash your artistic side (or discover who lacks one), at a painting with a twist class.

💗  Turn on all the feels of nostalgia at a local arcade or fair. From bowling, laser tag, and vintage arcade games you'll be able to act like kids for the night!

💗  Rent a convertible, put the top down, and really go back in time with a drive-in movie.

💗  Visit a museum. You'll get to experience some great works of art- which can lead to good conversation, and see who can come up with the wittiest captions!

💗  Get into the fall spirit with something cute like visiting a pumping patch, or making s'mores but the  fire. Or something spooky, such as a haunted house or hayride. Which is really just an excuse to get close to your date- right?!

💗  Finally, a cooking class. Because there are usually not two chefs in every relationship. Besides, it will be rewarding to laugh about the class while enjoying all of your delicious hard work!

Men are simple creatures. Most love a "natural" look, but I wanted this to be both girl and guy pretty. I achieved this by creating a monochromatic look, with elements that are soft, feminine, and glowy!

Pinks are universally flattering and proven to give a sense of adornment and passion, without being too bold. Metallic, shimmery lids and wispy lashes keep this look flirty, while pink flushed cheeks gives the feel of a childhood crush. I finished off this glam with two different lippies. A creamy matte shade as the base, topped with a sheer pinky-nude to give the look of glossy lips, without the stickiness.

The fun doesn't have to stop at date night! Use Turo for your next vacation, road trip, or even girls night out! Head over to to find out more, plus how you can make some extra cash!

*makeup deets:

ELF: Eyeshadow Primer
RCMA: No Color Powder (to set)
NYX: Maybe Later (brow bone highlight)
MAC: Brown Script (crease and base on lid)
COLOURPOP: Lovely (center of lid)
ANASTASIA BH: Starburst (inner corner highlight)
COVERGIRL: Lash Blast Mascara
SALON PERFECT: #615 Lashes
NYX: Micro Brow Pencil- Ebony

lower lash-line;
MAC: Brown Script
THE BALM COSMETICS: Bahama Mama Bronzer

NARS: All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation
SMASHBOX: Hydrating Under-Eye Primer
RCMA: Foundation Palette (cream contour)
LA GIRL: HD Concealer- Classic Ivory (to color correct)
LA GIRL: HD Concealer- Porcelain (conceal/ highlight)
RCMA: No Color Powder (to set)
MAC: Give Me Sun Bronzer
BENEFIT: Watts Up (cream highlight)
ANASTASIA BH: Gleam Glow Kit- Mimosa & Starburst
NARS: Super Orgasm Blush
BENEFIT: Dandelion (blush topper)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

August & September Top 10 Beauty Favs

Somehow August completely got away from me, so once again I've decided to combine the last two months for double the favorites!

*all product pics are linked

Cocoa Brown, 1 Hour Tan Dark Mousse:
After seeing this all over social media, I finally decided to give it a try. Being the self-tanning queen that I am, I have to say Cocoa Brown gives you a beautiful natural looking tan! Having a more green undertone than orange and infused with CB's signature scent of tahitian gardenia, there is no awful self tanner smell! I personally apply mine at night and sleep in it, but the best part is it only takes 3 hours to develop a beautiful intense tan -- Ideal before a night out or event!

NYX, Born to Glow Illuminator- Sunbeam:
I honestly don't know why it has taken me this long to mention this product in a monthly favs. I seem to reach for this illuminator every time I sit down to do my makeup. I like to apply it before foundation to give me a healthy lit from within look, and to my shoulders and collar bones to give skin that glowing goddess look. Because let's be honest, there is nothing better than a shoulder glow that beams just as much as your highlight in a selfie!

Big Sexy Hair, What a Tease- Backcomb in a Bottle:
This stuff is B O M B! Having a lot of fine hair, holding a tease has always been an issue. It always looks good then 15 minutes later, my hair is flat again! Backcomb in a bottle is seriously a miracle  in a bottle. I prefer to hold sections of my hair out where I want a little extra oomph, spray, let dry, and be amazed at the instant lift without all the damage of actual backcombing or teasing! Be sure to read the directions on this bottle, and DO NOT SHAKE. I don't know exactly why, but the nozzle will clog up and stop spraying properly.

 Colourpop, Supershock Shadow- Lovely:
Another product I don't know why I haven't mentioned before. A soft light gold shade with flecks of multi-dimensional glitter. I love this shadow for a wash of shimmer on more natural days, to packing it on top of a smokey eye for a fun, glam twist. If you're a makeup artist this is also the perfect shade to keep in your kit during wedding season!

St. Ives, Naturally Indulgent Body Lotion- Coconut Milk & Orchid:
If you know anything about me, it's that I go through lotion like a crazy woman. Seriously, this 21oz bottle only lasted me about a month! Once you smell and experience this lotion for yourself, you won't be able to blame me. This non-greasy luxurious lotion made with coconut milk and other natural moisturizers soaks into the skin leaving it silky, smooth, and soft. This lotion is also your new BFF before a night out. Apply some to your legs for a glow that will have people wanting to insure your legs just like Mariah! Using every other day also helped to pro-long the life of my self-tan. 

Lorac, Tantilizer Baked Bronzer:
One of those products I mention using, but never talk about in a monthly favs. The swirled shades of terra cotta and gold will help your summer skin live on! I personally, like to apply this a a bronzer topper or a blush to give my skin a nice, radiant bronzed glow!

OPI, Lincoln Park After Dark:
Dark nails are my thing this season, and this polish is my current obsession! I honestly don't think I've switched my nail color in the last three weeks. A gorgeous midnight purple that literally suits all skin tones. Once you try it, this shade will be your fall nail color too!

Soap & Glory, 3-in-1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash:

This has been once of my favorite brands ever since I worked at Sephora many years ago. So, now that stores are carrying the entire line of products I've gone a little shopping crazy! I picked up a trial size of this cleanser and have been absolutely loving it so far! Perfect for nighttime use (after a long day of wearing makeup) this wash purifies skin, removes excess makeup, and gently exfoliates. Formulated with mojo-scrubbing beads, vitamins, amino-acids, and their exclusive super fruit complex. It says it is best for oily/combination skin, but I have drier more sensitive skin and haven't had any issues! -- p.s. Walgreens now carries the entire line of Soap & Glory products!

Sweet Spot Labs, Vanilla Blossom- On-the-Go Wipes:

This one is strictly for the babes, because sometimes we need to freshen up down there. Made by women, for women these wipes are 98% natural, gynecologist tested, and free of glycerin (which tmi, can cause yeast infections). Infused with antioxidants and pineapple extracts, these wipes will also keep you feeling refreshed and clean without altering your ph levels. The sleek, girl friendly packaging fits easily into your purse, overnight or gym bag. This vanilla scent is my favorite, but all the scents are available in a prepackaged to-go pack; perfect for those last minute adult sleepovers!

Quay Australia, On the Prowl Sunnies:
It's rare that I mention accessories, but I just HAD to include these sunnies. Quay ("key") is easily becoming one of my favorite sunglass brands for many reasons: they have the cutest styles, and the lenses are some of the darkest I've come across. These are my perfect big shades for those no makeup days. Throw them on and you look instantly chic!

You know the drill. Sign up through Ebates
 to start getting paid to shop online!

--Now that it's finally October, that means it's time for Halloween looks! I've already got a few ideas I want to bring to life, but all the requests and suggestions are welcome!

Until next month...