Monday, April 26, 2021


In honor of me turning 30 last Monday (🙀🙀) I thought this would be a fun post.
From beauty products, tv shows, and everything in between, here are 30 of my favorite things!

1. The color pink

2. Friends (the tv show)

3. Nude lipstick

4. Roses

5. Coffee

6. The Ouai: Leave in Conditioner

7. Perfume
Tom Ford: Black Orchid
Givenchy: Hot Couture
KKW: Body |||

8. Candles

9. Gold hoop earrings

10. Kate Somerville: Exfolikate

11. Sundays

12. Cozy blankets

13. Avocados

14. Books

15. ELF: Wow Brow gel

16. Clueless

17. Fun phone cases

18. Mini Cadbury Eggs

19. KKW Beauty: Lip liners

20. Waterless: Curl Milk

21. Legally Blonde

22. Kiehls: Avocado Eye Cream

23. Pink pens & cute stationary

24. Lancome: Genefique Serum

25. Fuzzy slippers

26. Bioderma: Sensibio Cleansing Water

27. Graphic T's

28. Fun Makeup palettes (to use & collect)

29. Colourpop: Lux lip oils

30. "Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday"


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

MUST HAVE PREGNANCY PRODUCTS- stretch marks, skincare, and more!!


Seven months later but here we are.
Post-partumn is a rollercoaster of emotions (but that's a story for another blog).

I'm giving you all the things I loved during pregnancy.
From preventing stretch marks, combating pregnancy skin changes, and keeping cozy here are 10 of my must have products!

*all products are linked*

Let's start it off with what you all came for- stretch marks.
While they may be genetic, there are ways to treat and prevent them

After using something different during my first few months, I soon saw a glimpse of what could have been the start of a stretch mark and knew I needed a product that was more "heavy duty". 
I'm here to tell you that what the reviews say are true! Earth Mama Belly Butter & Oil is truly amazing! 
Formulated with organic herbs and oils to help ease the appearance of stretch marks, and encourage skins natural elasticity. The belly oil also contains calendula, jojoba, borage, and orange blossom oils to give skin a comforting, hydrated feel. Both products have a light citrus scent and are non greasy. I personally used the butter every morning, and both the oil and the butter every night all over my hips, breasts, thighs, and of course my growing belly!

* I did get tiny stretch marks that appeared AFTER pregnancy, once my belly deflated. However, I continued to use this combo of products and no lie, they diminished within a couple of weeks! *

Just like your body, pregnancy skin is ever-changing. 
I've always had dry skin, but pregnancy took me to a whole new skin desert! I stumbled upon Kate Somerville's Delikate moisturizer and it truly is a "stressed skin saver". This cream provides immediate and lasting relief for dry, irritated skin, while not only reducing the appearance of redness but improves skins barrier. 
It honestly brought my skin back to life, and helped me find my pregnancy glow!

 Again, your skin during pregnancy is always changing. So just like my face, my under-eyes were becoming quite dry as well. 
This eye cream has worked wonders in providing hydration and improving texture, including those pesky fine lines. It also helps to de-puff and brighten under-eye appearance- because trying to sleep when a baby is kicking you in the ribs isn't exactly the definition of getting a good nights sleep before baby arrives! 
The creamy pastel green texture feels amazing once applied, and provides the most gorgeous glow to the orbital area. Plus, anything avocado is already a win for me.

Avocado Eye Cream
Sure, you're warned that your feet might swell, but never about how much your feet will hurt just from cooking dinner! Give your feet some much needed TLC, and get yourself a pair of cozy slippers. 
Not only are these comfortable, they're chic, and keep your feet the perfect temperature (hot flashes are another thing no one talks about).
Like a soft hug throughout the day, your feet will thank you!

Slippers for Women, Open Toe Fuzzy Fluffy House Slippers Cozy Memory Foam Anti-Skid Plush Criss Cross Furry Slides Indoor Outdoor

Keeping with the cozy theme, you'll want to have a robe around too. Having things that make you feel good is important when your body is going through so many (sometimes uncomfortable) changes. This one from target is literally the softest material, that just envelopes you into a heavenly place of cozy bliss. Made of 95% modal, it's the perfect weight to keep you warm without getting too hot in the summertime, but can be layered with long sleeved pjs or a blanket in the winter. The piping detail gives it that chic, hotel robe vibe giving you a touch of luxury around the house.
Oh, and did I mention it has pockets!

Does it really work? Do I reallllyyyy need it? The answer, YES!
By now you know that getting bigger everyday comes with it's comfort challenges. This pillow will help you get maximum rest, whether it's a quick cat nap, or a full nights sleep! Personally, I went with the jersey pillow case because hot flashes and night sweats were a thing I struggled with. This material was great for it didn't trap in heat, but was still soft and snuggly. I also suffered from leg cramps and horrible hip pain, and can honestly say this pillow helped me wake up feeling refreshed versus brittle.
If you've been on the fence about getting one, this is your sign to hit "add to cart".

Being pregnant during a stay at home order helped my wallet when it came to maternity clothes, but it was also summer, so I needed to trade in my sweats for something cooler. These bike shorts were a godsend. Comfy enough to wear around the house, yet trendy enough to style if you leave.
 Sizing maternity clothes can be tricky, tbh. So even though these are super stretchy, I bought a smaller size closer to my pre-pregnant size, and a size up. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was filling out the bigger size, but at a price point this affordable you won't feel bad about purchasing multiple pairs!

Your boobs change a lot! In fact, they're one of the first things to change when becoming pregnant, and you'll want to start taking care of your nipples sooner rather than later. 
After trial and error with other brands, I ended up with [another] Earth Mama product. This nipple cream is lanolin free (no stickiness), melts into skin, and helps heal dry, cracked, and sore nipples. Once baby arrives this cream can be used as a lubricant for more comfortable pumping sessions, or before and after nursing. Plus it's safe for baby, so no need to wash off before feeding! You can also apply to lips, elbows, and cuticles. Which, if yours are anything like mine- suffering from the constant hand washing!

Organic Nipple Butter

Another item that falls under the feel good category.
From helping you relax, to calming those growing aches and pains, baths are essential when you're pregnant. It's also amazing when your little one starts to enjoy bath time too with their tiny kicks!
This oil is the added luxury your bath time needs. The delicious blend of rose, hibiscus, and warm amber will fill your senses with a heavenly yet feminine mix. While the added cocoa butter leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated, no matter how long you soaked in the tub. The bottle also adds a rich flare among your other bath time essentials.

Okay, this last one is random, but you need them in your third trimester.
Dates are said to help with preparing the uterus and ripening the cervix for labor. There's tons of other benefits to eating dates during pregnancy because of all the good for you ingredients such as fiber, potassium, magnesium, folate, and vitamin k. They are also said to help with postpartum hemorrhage. Always consult with your doctor, but I started eating them around 36/37 weeks. 
Six dates a day seems to be the magic number, which for me was easy for I liked the taste. However, theres many other ways to incorporate dates into your diet if you're not into having them as a snack- think blending in a smoothie, or adding them to your oatmeal. 

365 by Whole Foods Market, Dried Fruit, Pitted Dates, 8 Ounce

I hope this helps all my soon to be mamas, no matter how far along in your pregnancy you are.
I have lots of things I still want to share, including postpartum must-haves, newborn necessities, and more!