Wednesday, April 11, 2018

[Throwback]: My trip to Bite Beauty's Lip Lab

A chilly weekend in Dallas had me reminiscing on my trip to New York, and all the activities I never shared.

If there's one thing I love, it's lipstick. [so] as I was pursuing "things to do in New York" I stumbled upon Bite Beauty's Lip Lab and immediately put it #1 on the list!

"Experience the art of making your very own personalized lipstick"
umm, yes please!

Deep in the heart of SoHo is where you'll find the quaint Lab. Containers and trays aligned with lipsticks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but transports you into a lipstick wonderland Willy Wonka himself would be proud of!

Upon arriving, you're greeted with your Lip Artist, who will guide you through your lipstick journey.

Choose from hundreds of exclusive pigments, or create a totally personalized shade.
Choose your favorite texture;
(matte, sheer, classic, or luminous)
Lastly choose your scent or a combo of two;
(cherry, mint, vanilla, fresh citrus, violet, coconut, citrus mango, wild berry, or lime)

Your lip artist will mix shades and textures until ideal color is met. Believe me, you can mix and try on as many different combinations as you feel necessary!

I knew I had to take this opportunity to create the perfect nude! A true opaque that would compliment my skin tone rather than wash me out.
For my second lipstick, I opted for a vampy dark shade.
*Fun fact, this was the only color we mixed and tried on!

Once you find your perfect match, the real excitement begins.
From mixing, melting, molding, and cooling, you get to see your lipstick baby come to life right before your eyes!

Overall this was such a fun experience that I would definitely do again. My artist, Janet was such a pleasure to work with as well. She had great energy and engaged in conversation throughout the entire appointment, truly making the experience that more enjoyable!

$55 per person
(1 shade of lipstick)
$80 per person
(2 shades of lipstick)

$150 per person
(1 lipstick shade & Lip Kit)

Another great thing- Bite keeps your custom lippie on file so you can reorder whenever you'd like!

Bite Beauty Lip Lab is located at:
174 Prince Street
New York, NY
*ask for Janet ;)