Saturday, October 27, 2018

GLAMPIRE 2.0; Halloween Glam

Of course Halloween, one of my favorite times of year, is what brought my blog of out retirement. 

To me a Vampire, or as I like to call her- a Glampire, is a classic Halloween look. There are so many different variations and styles; from old Hollywood movies and tv, to pop culture which portrays this mythical creature in a sexier way. 
Just like my last Glampire, she is fierce, dead but alive. Possessing a more intense craving, longing for the desire to seduce her victims (men), and hunger for their blood! All while living her best fabulous un-dead life!

For this look I pulled inspiration from my previous creation, Lady Gaga's character from American Horror Story, and a few other pictures I stumbled across online. I knew I wanted this 2.0 version to be even more dead, have deeper hollows, and overall more glam!

I started this Glampire glam the same way I start all my makeup looks, with the eyes. 
Even when doing Halloween makeup, this helps prevent a mess of fall-out, and makes for easier clean up.
This is where I really took inspo from Lady Gaga. I liked how the shape of her eyes was sultry, demonic, but still gave that lifted appearance. While Gaga wore a more natural eye, I was a becoming a glampire so of course I went for something smokey! Applying a liquid glitter shadow to the lid adds that extra touch of glam again, pulling inspo from Gaga's wet lid look.
Placing crease colors higher, and blending them into the brows also creates depth and helps to change the shape of the eye.

I used a mix of different concealers to achieve this faux bleached brow. Taking a spooly and combing the concealers through until desired lightness is reached.
*If your brows are naturally darker, you can start with a orange toned color correcting concealer to cancel out the darkness. Then layer the lighter concealers over top.*

For my pale, ghoulish skin I just mixed a little white paint with my everyday foundation. I started to create hollows by carving out my natural features with a combination of different eye shadow. Starting with a lighter shade to sculpt, then gradually applying darker colors to add depth and dimension. This is the best way to keep skin looking fierce, not muddy. Next I took a big fluffy brush and red eyeshadow to "warm up my skin" as you would when bronzing. However, instead of looking sun kissed- I wanted to look blood kissed!
I repeated this same process on my neck and chest. Using the darker shades to hollow out my collar bones, then adding the red shadow.

I also used different textured sponges (I found mine at Michaels) and the same eyeshadows to create bruising and stippling on the neck and chest. I later followed this same technique with red paint to incorporate blood spots.

For the blood drips on my neck, I used a water based paint and a brush. The key to achieve a great drip is for the brush to be extra wet! Place the brush flat against your neck and just let the drips fall.
I later added a thicker, jelly like blood to the neck and mouth, for a "I just had a messy dinner" effect!

Finish off this look by giving her a blood stained ombre lip.

I threw on a wig, elbow gloves, and gaudy rings because duh, I'm a Glampire!

* I picked up some vampire teeth at my local Halloween store, and totally got the wrong size. They were teeth fit for a giant*

M A K E U P  D E E T S-

f a c e:

FENTY BEAUTY: Pro filtr foundation
SNAZAROO Face paint palette- white
MAKEUP REVOLUTION: Full coverage concealer- C1

*To create contours & hollows:
DOSE OF COLORS: Desi x Katy Friendcation palette- Necessary & Churro 
MORPHE: 15S Palette- #ad & #offcamera & #makeover
ABH: Aubergine
MORPHE: Red eyeshadow

e y e s:

DOSE OF COLORS: Desi x Katy Friendcation Palette- Basic (crease)
MORPHE: 15S palette- #ad (crease)
#makeover (outer crease)
#offcamera (wing/ deepen outer crease)
MORPHE: Glitter Fever Liquid Eyeshadow- the gold shade
*used the same shades to create hollows around and under the eyes 

l i p s:

MORPHE: Lip liner- Sweet Tea
JEFFREE STAR: Velour Liquid Lipstick- I'm Nude
J CAT BEAUTY: Wonder Lip Paint (in the center)
*set with ABH Aubergine eyeshadow & a little bit of red shadow
- also used these shades for bruising effect on the corners.

BEN NYE:  Fresh Scab