Thursday, November 1, 2018

AMY WINEHOUSE ; Halloween Glam

An ode to an icon.

I wanted to share one more Halloween look this year. One that I've wanted to create for a while now, Amy Winehouse!

This look is sort of a no-brainer. Not only is it iconic, but from a makeup standpoint, fairly simple.

I had to take it back to the 2000's. The height of Amy's career, and the time her eyeliner was it's boldest! (I actually took these pics on my Mac for that classic, grainy PhotoBooth feel) Besides listening to her albums on repeat, I studied multiple pictures of her makeup to truly embody her moody persona, dgaf attitude, and the overall tragic beauty she possessed.
I personally loved looking at all the pictures and seeing her liner grow with her career. 

Amy clearly didn't follow any trends. The main one being the heavy contour trend that was paving the way in the makeup world. So for this look I skipped contour, instead applying a generous amount of blush to the cheeks and up towards the temples. This still defines the cheekbones, and brings a subtle definition to the face. I also added a pop of highlight to the cheekbones and forehead for a more natural, dewy look. 

For my eyes, I added a matte neutral shade in my crease. Sometimes Amy wore eyeshadow and other times just liner. I prefer to have a little something in my crease to define and shape to the eye.

Now on to her iconic wings! The greatest thing about this glam is the liner doesn't have to be perfect! The liner is supposed to be effortless, bold, and perfectly imperfect! 
I used my favorite liquid liner and started by drawing the wing how I would for my typical makeup. Then gradually began to thicken and expand the line up towards the brow.

Another reason Amy's wings were so iconic.. the rounded shape. You can achieve this by following the natural bone structure of your eye, or take the easy route and create the shape with a makeup wipe after application!
Finishing the eyes by adding a thin line of black shadow to the lower lash line.

Although Amy rocked a worn in lip, her lip liner was always prominent. Using a long-wear lip liner, I started lining my lips, concentrating on defining the shape. I then took the same liner and began to smudge it all over my lips. Lastly, I used my fingers to further smudge and buff out the color even more.

*You could do this same technique with a similar colored lipstick, by lightly applying and blotting the color with your fingers.

Now onto the beehive!
This is another element of Amy that does not have to be perfect. If we're being honest, it oftentimes looked as if she had not redone, or even brushed her hair in days!
I started creating this hairstyle by pulling my hair half up/ half down, this will act as the base of your hive. I then took some extensions and a teasing brush to back comb and rat them up. Next, clipping the extensions around the half up "ponytail", until height and fullness of your beehive is achieved.
Basically, just mess up a pile of extensions (or your own hair, but jesus be a conditioner when it's time to tame that tease) and attach them to the top of your head!

Draw on some tattoos and your Amy Winehouse Halloween glam is complete!

M A K E U P  D E E T S:

e y e s;

URBAN DECAY: NAKED Petite Heat Palette-
NYC: Liquid Liner
ABH: Noir (lower lash line)
NYX: Micro Brow Pencil

f a c e;

MAC: Strobe Cream
FENTY BEAUTY: Pro Filtr Foundation
MAKEUP REVOLUTION: Full Coverage Concealer
RCMA: No Color Powder
BH COSMETICS: 10 Color Blush Palette
ABH: Amrezy Highlight
NYX: Lip Liner- Nutmeg (Monroe piercing)

l i p s;

BH COSMETICS: Waterproof Lip Liner- Rosy

*Used a white eyeliner to first sketch on tattoos. Then used a mix of black face paint an eye shadows to color and shade.

Until next year...

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