Sunday, August 30, 2020

NESTING: How to make the most out of a small space with a new baby

Nesting: the act of organizing, cleaning, and preparing for a baby.
While most start this phase during the last few months of pregnancy, thanks to being stuck at home during quarantine, I like to think mine started a little bit sooner.

Since moving in together, we've been able to make our one bedroom apartment work for us. However factor in the early baby gifts, diapers you start stockpiling, and the four walls you call home quickly begin to feel more like four walls of a cardboard box!

Personally, I started to think of all the things I wished I had, like a room to convert to a nursery. I even found myself angry at the layout of the laundry/storage room, conjuring up ways I could apartment-friendly redesign it! A few deep breaths and a snack break later, I was refreshed and knew I just needed to get creative with the space I DID have. 
I spent many hours pinning and saving furniture, and can gladly say that after a few months (and a few trips to the Target drive-up) I am very happy with the little spaces I've created for baby.

Wanted to share a few helpful hints I learned along the way for any other new, or soon to be moms in a similar situation!

First, declutter and reorganize!
I know this seems like a no-brainer, but after throwing away old mail, cleaning out the junk drawer, even rearranging the pantry and disposing of old food, I suddenly had so much free space! Now I was able to organize baby things, and the necessities we use frequently as well.

Storage baskets and bins will become your best friend.
I have these all over, from the bathroom closet to the changing table. Not only do they hide extra linens and skincare products, make everything look more aesthetically pleasing, but give everything a proper place which helps keep you and the area looking organized! Baskets and bins are also a way to have fun with storage. By choosing your favorite color or a fun pattern, you're able to incorporate a theme just as you would in a nursery.

Next, rework and get creative with the space you do have!
Another thing that will become your BFF throughout this whole process- a tape measure.
Think of the big items you absolutely need to make space for; i.e..a glider/rocker, bassinet, changing table, etc. Then get to measuring and re-arranging! Just make sure you leave the heavy lifting to the non-pregnant one in the relationship.
Moving furniture to a different corner or hallway almost adds a sense of feng shui by opening up and harmonizing the room in a new way!

I fret for months about where and how I was going to store her clothes. After driving myself (and probably everyone I talked to) crazy imaging ways I could re-work the apartment, on top of endless nights scrolling furniture sites, I finally found the solution right in front of me.. the unused space in our closet!
With the help of my trusty measuring tape I was able to order the perfect little dressers for her little clothes.
These dressers were literally like the missing pieces of the puzzle, fitting so perfectly in a space that we weren't even occupying with our own clothes!
Since baby clothes are so tiny, I was also able to hang a few special pieces right above a shelf staging my accessories. Again, this wasn't a space I was using nor does it eliminate any additional storage for my things.

I think all one bedroom first time moms long for creating and decorating their baby's dream nursery. Take it from me, creating the little areas in your home will bring you the same sense of joy and comfort. You'll walk by each corner proud of your work and dream of the little baby that will be occupying it so soon! Along with every tiny piece of clothing you fold and put away, imaging the days of dressing up your little one.
We will be able to create that special space just for our baby one day, with a little extra knowledge on how to maximize and organize the area!

Plus let's be real, babies eventually take over the whole house, so why not start early by having a little bit of baby in every room!

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