Tuesday, September 1, 2020

My Maternity Shoot

 A million thoughts run through your head the day you find out you're pregnant. For me, one of those what that I knew I wanted to create a maternity shoot I would be able to look back on and cherish.

The uncertainty of Covid made me doubt the idea of my dream maternity shoot becoming a reality. However, after months of envisioning, creating a mood board, and realizing that I'm never going to be pregnant for the first time again, I decided to safely go ahead and set one up!

I wanted to embody the feelings you have growing a child-
Feminine mixed with mother nature, dreamy and ethereal, beautiful and angelic.

I have to give a huge shoutout and thanks to Anna who brought my vision to life, and Taylor who created this gorgeous bouquet that really completed the look.

There's honestly so many good pics that I even had a difficult time narrowing them down this, but I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Anna's Photography:

Taylor of The Floral Electric: