Sunday, January 25, 2015

O N T R E N D; Smokey Eyes

I'm sure by now you can tell that my love for smokey eyes is real! I personally think they are appropriate for both day and night, and are the perfect compliment when you want to feel extra glam; for there are so many different styles and variations you can rock.
Lucky for me, smokey eyes are a huge makeup trend for 2015. Another trend we will be seeing this year is the use of color. I wanted to create two different looks incorporating both trends, but ultimately keeping the focus on my favorite, the smokey eye.

Grunge, undone smokey eyes were seen all over the runways this year, and while this look can be very dramatic I wanted to create something the everyday woman could wear with confidence. I call this the "I woke up like this" smokey eye. 

Because this type of smokey eye is supposed to look like you may have smudged last nights makeup with your fingers, I believe it is perfect for beginners. Cool tones bring a softer feel to the look, while the shimmer shades draw the focus upwards towards the eyes. Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Sin is perfect, for this primer has a champagne satin finish. It not only primes your eyes but enhances the tone and texture of the shadows as well. I decided to keep the rest of the look soft and glowy, incorporating like tones with a neutral complexion to not compete with the eye look. 

Color brings such a fun twist to the common makeup look. Different shades of blue will also be a big trend this year in all seasons. I ultimately decided to use blue because it is such an intimidating color in makeup. By limiting the number of shades and textures used, you will be able to stray away from the clownish association this color possess. 

I prefer to use matte shades to help blur and diffuse the color, while adding shimmer sparingly. Whether it be just on the lid, or the inner corner and brow bone like I did for this look. This helps to really play up your eyes vs. over powering them. 

Like black, this dark blue hue bring an intensity to the eyes. To balance the whole look, I utilized blues compliment; orange. Muted pastel peaches and corals on the cheeks and lips bring a harmonious feel to the overall look, while remaining neutral enough to pair with this dramatic eye. 

Smokey eyes are all about technique. As you can see, you can literally create a flawless smokey eye with all tones and textures. The trick is blending- and remember, just when you think you've blended enough, blend some more!

*products used:
S L E P T  I N  S M O K E Y:
URBAN DECAY: Primer Potion- Sin
LORAC: Au Naturel(brow bone)
NYX: Maybe Later(transition shade)
MAC: Taupe(crease color/blend lower lash line)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- Gray Shade(lid color-blend into crease/lower lash line)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- Dark Brown Shimmer(outer lid/lower lash line)
CROWN BRUSH: 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette- Iridescent Gold Shade(inner corner)
NYC: Velvet Eyeliner- Black
SMASHBOX: Full Exposure Mascara
MAYBELLINE: Pumped Up Colossal Mascara
NYX: Eyebrow Cake Powder- Dark Brown
ELF: Brow Gel

SMASHBOX: Hydrating Primer
REVLON: Colorstay Foundation
BENEFIT: Erase Paste- No.2(to conceal dark circles)
COVERGIRL: Ready, Set, Gorgeous Concealer- Light(to conceal/highlight)
L.A Girl Pro Concealer: Almond(to contour)
ELF: HD Under Eye Setting Powder(to set highlight)
MAC: Taupe(to deepen contour)
BENEFIT: Hoola(bronze/cheek color)
LOVE & BEAUTY: Shimmering Illuminator Powder- Champagne 

NYX: Mauve
MAYBELLINE: Colorsensation Rebel Bloom- Barely Bloomed
STILA: Lip Glaze- Cotton Candy

B L U E  B L O W N - O U T  S M O K E Y:
LORAC: Behind the Scenes- Eye Shadow Primer
TOO FACED: Cream Color Ponies(brow bone)
NYX: Maybe Later(transition shade)
TOO FACED: Chocolate Milk(crease color/blend out blue shadow)
LORAC: Sapphire(lid)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- Iridescent Shade(inner corner/brow bone)
NYC: Velvet Eyeliner- Black
MAYBELLINE: Pumped Up Colossal Mascara
ARDELL: Individuals- Medium
NYX: Eyebrow Cake Powder- Dark Brown & Black
ELF: Brow Gel

SMASHBOX: Hydrating Primer
REVLON: Colorstay Foundation
BENEFIT: Erase Paste- No.2(to conceal dark circles)
MAC: Prolongwear Concealer(to conceal/highlight)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 06CF Palette(to contour)
ELF: HD Undereye Setting Powder + BEN NYE: Cameo(to set highlight)
ANASTASIA BH: Fawn(to set/deepen contour)
TOO FACED: Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
MILANI: Luminoso
NYX: Rituel

MAYBELLINE: Colorsensation Rebel Bloom- Barely Bloomed

*nails: OPI- I Just Can't Cope-acabana

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year G A B & G L A M; 2015

"Learn to trust the journey, even when you do not understand it."

How crazy to think we are already four days into 2015! Reflecting back on 2014, I will say I am more than ready for this new year; not because of the "new year/new me" mantra, but because it's another 365 days to continue self growth. 
 I learned many lessons throughout 2014, mostly about myself, but the biggest being [that] sometimes we have to take on the world blindly- led by our hearts vs. our heads. This is how we discover what truly makes us happy, what ignites the fire in our hearts, and what ultimately keeps us going on this intoxicating journey. 

I vow every year to become a better me than before. Not stagnant in the same place, doing the same things I was the previous year; while taking on the challenges I'm faced with positively. 2014 definitely brought lots of changes, and I cannot wait to experience all of what 2015 has in store! Happy New Year!!✨


I wanted to include some kind of look 

since I did not have a chance to create any New Years Eve looks this year, and thought what better way to bring in 2015 than with something bold and colorful!

There was no rhyme or reason behind this look, except that I was feeling creative (thanks to all my new Christmas makeup). I love the twist this look brings on the monochromatic trend, and personally would rock it as is. However, if this loud glam isn't your thing you could totally tone down the lip or eye to have one stand out feature. Think a peach toned nude lip, or a classic wing to compliment your fierce pout!

*products used:
LORAC: Behind the Scenes Eye Primer
NYX: Stiletto(transition shade & lower lash line)
URBAN DECAY: Fishnet(lid color & lower lash line)
CROWN BRUSH: 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette(wet with eyedrops, packed on top of lid & inner corner)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- Iridescent Shade(inner corner highlight)
MAYBELLINE: Pumped Up Colossal Mascara
RED CHERRY: #43 Lashes
NYX: Eyebrow Cake Powder- Dark Brown(lighter shade)

SMASHBOX: Hydrating Primer
L'OREAL: Visible Lift Serum Foundation
L.A. GIRL: HD Concealer- Classic Ivory
NYX: HD Concealer(to highlight)
L.A. GIRL: HD Concealer- Almond(to contour)
BEN NYE: Cameo(to set highlight)
MAC: Taupe(to set/deepen contour)
BENEFIT: Rockateur
FOREVER 21: All Over Shimmer Highlighter

MAKEUP FOREVER: Aqua Eyes- 0L(line & fill in lips)
J.CAT BEAUTY: Wonder Lip Paint- Queen of Harts
URBAN DECAY: Fishnet(applied with finger to center of lips)