Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer's Edgy Glam

Sometimes you sit down to do your makeup, and sometimes the creative bug bites you...

Obviously I can't stray away from purples lately. I truly believe they are universally flattering and pair nicely with an array of other colors, for there are so many different shades and undertones to them. 

While I wish I could take full credit for this look, I can't. The inspo behind this edgy glam came from a picture of the amazing Desi Perkins I've had saved in my camera roll for quite some time now. Although my rendition of this look is similar, I still wanted it to possess that djkitty flair. Choosing colors and products that complimented my style and face structure allowed me to really put my signature on this look.

Now let's talk about these lips hunty! Personally I have always loved the look of black lips, however many still associate them in a more taboo, gothic sort of way. That is really why I wanted to incorporate them into this glam; to remind everyone that we are in the age of crazy colorful lipsticks, and pushing the limits when it comes to makeup and beauty. By incorporating them in a way that is more wearable, black lips become tasteful and fun.

*products used:

LORAC: Behind the Scenes Eye Primer
NYX: Maybe Later (transition shade)
LORAC: Mango (crease)
URBAN DECAY: Freelove (crease)
ANASTASIA BH: Punch Fuchsia (inner part of lid; lower lash line)
URBAN DECAY: Trick - wet with eyedrops (lid)
URBAN DECAY: Ranson & Fishnet (blend/ outer v; lower lash line)
STILA: Twig (deepen outer v; lower lash line)
CROWN BRUSH: Iridescent Purple Shade (inner corner highlight)
MAKEUP FOREVER: Aqua Eyes- 0L Black
MAYBELLINE: Great Lash Mascara
RED CHERRY: #110 Lashes
NYX: Micro Brow Pencil- Espresso

SMASHBOX: Photo Finish Luminizing Primer
NARS: Sheer Glow Foundation
BENEFIT: Erase Paste- 02
L.A. GIRL: Pro Concealer- Porcelain
LAURA MERCIER: Translucent Powder (set under-eyes)
TOO FACED: Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer- Carrie & Big (bronze/warm up skin)
THE BALM COSMETICS: Bahama Mama (to contour)
SMASHBOX: Contour Stick- Contour (contour nose)
THE BALM COSMETICS: Mary-Lou Manizer (to highlight- lots of it!!)

MAKEUP FOREVER: Aqua Eyes- 0L Black (to line lips)

*nails: Essie- I Pink I can

Friday, June 12, 2015

Toss or Treasure?! When to throw out your makeup & beauty products

Coming across old products that I used to love is always bittersweet. I've usually replaced them with the latest and greatest, shoved them to the back of drawers, and months later find myself asking; should I rediscover my love or toss this guy in the trash?!
I'm finally here with a tip to help myself, and all my other beauty damsels in distress!

Ever really looked at the back of your beauty products and noticed, what seemed to be an open can with numbers on it? If you're anything like me, you typically overlook this small- but very important detail. This open can actually holds the answers to our questions...the lifespan of the product!

I thought I would share a few different products from different beauty categories, to showcase how this time limit varies. 


Face Products- Primers, Liquid Illuminators, & Concealers:
To me, this is one category where the expiration date doesn't matter as much, since we typically go through these products quicker than most. For instance, most foundations do not even display this information, for the likeliness of your everyday foundation lasting longer than six months is slim to none.
However, primers, illuminators, and concealers rotate in and out of our makeup routine depending on skins behavior, so displaying their longevity is helpful. 

Face Products- Powders:
Face powders last slightly longer than liquids or creams based on ingredients used. While foundation powders may live out highlighters and blushes, a great way to determine whether or not the product's gone bad is by texture and lack of pigmentation. 


Eye Products- Liners, Mascaras, & Brows:
Any type of creamy eye product is not going to have the same life span of something more powdery, for creams harbor bacteria. Sharing such products as these is the quickest way to catch a sty, and a trip to the beauty department. 

Eye Products- Shadows:
Like all products, the life span will differ based on ingredients used. As you can see with these popular palettes, some expire within six months while others last up to a year or more.


Body Products- Washes & Skincare:
Most skincare displays this canister of life, along with the date of packaging. 12- 24 months is the average life span, especially for natural skincare, since they contain active ingredients that can actually expire. Body washes and lotions vary, but can be determined by appearance and smell. 


Some perfumes display this information, while others do not. A good rule of thumb is to store fragrances in a cool dark place. Direct or harsh light, along with steam and heat from the shower can shorten the life of your favorite fragrances. Scents in darker bottles will also last a little longer than those packaged in clear or light bottles. With proper storage, perfumes can last an average of three years- give or take a little.


Another product where the monthly timeline is not always shown. The best way to determine whether or not your beloved lippie has gone bad is by separation, waxy texture, and smell.


While these numbers are great guidance, like anything use your best judgement if you're unsure just how long that product's been tucked away in your drawer. Un-used, or un-opened products are also going to last longer, for the recommended months are typically/usually from time of first use. Elements such as texture and smell are other factors to consider when deciding rather to toss or keep!

*products shown:

NYX: Eyebrow Cake Powder
LAURA MERCIER: Caviar Eye Pencil
SMASHBOX: Full Exposure Mascara
STILA COSMETICS: The Natural Collectible Palette
URBAN DECAY: Naked 3 Palette
NARS: Egea
ANASTASIA BH: Artist Palette

LAURA MERCIER: Radiance Foundation Primer
L.A GIRL: HD Concealer
SMASHBOX: PhotoFinish Foundation Primer
NYX: Born to Glow- Liquid Illuminator

PETER THOMAS ROTH: Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion
OLE HENRIKSEN: Sheer Transformation
BOTANICS: Gentle Cleansing Cream
SHEA MOISTURE: 2n1 Bubble Bath & Body Wash- Mango Butter & Green Tea 


NYX: Macaron Lippie

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Unicorn ft. Anastasia BH Artist Palette

I don't know what's becoming more of my favorite- this amazing palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, or purple eyeshadow!

Between the mentions, and the amount of times I grabbed this palette throughout the month, you can probably tell how real my love is. I'll say this one last time... the array of different looks you can create with the Artist Palette is truly endless, and the vibrant- pigmented colors ignite creativity and imagination!

The purples and blues instantly caught my attention, and I knew I had to create a fun, summer look using them. Not only are the names of these colors super punchy and cute, but they have more of a blue undertone versus a pink like most. This causes colors to be more wearable, whether it be on different skin tones, or when pairing with other eyeshadow shades. 

Bright blue in the water line is not only a fun twist on traditional black liner, 
but a way to incorporate summer trends into your makeup look as well. Blue also helps eyes appear brighter, for it emphasizes the whites of eyes. I paired both a liner and a shadow in like colors for maximum wear throughout the day.

Personally, I believe this look is fun enough for daytime wear, and flirty enough to transition into those breezy, romantic summer nights that really make you feel alive! While these colors may seem too loud to some, wearing them in a more demure way such as this makes them appropriate for 12pm and 12am. By keeping the rest of the look more nude, or muted eyes remain the focus without competing with other features.

*products used:

TOO FACED: Shadow Insurance
ABH: Buttery (to set primer/brow bone)
MAC: Soft Brown (transition shade)
ABH: Dusty Rose (2nd transition shade/crease color)
LAURA MERCIER: Caviar Stick Eye Colour- Amethyst (base color for lid)
ABH: Punch Fuchsia (packed onto lid/upper inner corner)
ABH: Unicorn (middle & outer part of lid)
NYC: Liquid Liner
URBAN DECAY: 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil- Electric (lower water line)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- Neon Aqua Shade (set pencil in water line)
ABH: Coal (define lower lash line)
ABH: Unicorn (lower lash line)
ABH: Punch Fuchsia (blend out lower lash line)
MORPHE BRUSHES: 28F Palette- Iridescent Shade (inner corner highlight)
SMASHBOX: Full Exposure Mascara
ARDELL: Individuals- Long
NYX: Micro Brow Pencil- Brunette

SMASHBOX: Photo Finish Primer
SMASHBOX: Hydrating Under-eye Primer
LOREAL: True Match Lumi
BENEFIT: Erase Paste- 02 (conceal dark circles)
MAC: Prolongwear Concealer
COVERGIRL: Ready, Set, Gorgeous Concealer- Light (highlight face)
SMASHBOX: Contour Sticks- Contour (contour nose)
BEN NYE: Cameo (to set concealer/bake)
MAC: Studio Fix Powder (set foundation)
THE BALM: Bahama Mama Bronzer (contour/warm up face)
MILANI: Luminoso
THE BALM: Mary Lou-Manizer (highlight)

NYX: Lip Liner- Nude Beige
MAC: Fleshpot
NYX: Butter Gloss- Fortune Cookie (center of lips)

*nails: China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy

I'm still snapping, Anastasia.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May Top 5 Beauty Favorites

May you enjoy these products just as much as me.

Dolce & Gabbana- 1 Le Bateleur:
I used to be obsessed with this fragrance; does anyone else love going through their perfume collection and revisiting old favs?! 1 Le Bateleur is an older D&G fragrance, from a collection that launched in 2009, but still fresh enough to rock six years later! Containing notes of cardamom, coriander, and cedar wood, this cool aquatic scent is light, fresh, and perfect for summer. And yes, all the fragrances in the collection are unisex and can layered to make a unique scent tailored just for you! 

Smashbox- Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer:
 This photo finish product helps to prime and correct the under eye area by hydrating and brightening ensuring concealer never look cakey or settles into fine lines. Formulated with good for you ingredients such as caffeine, peptides, and optical diffusers, this primer helps makeup look flawless, while providing skincare benefits as well. Why wouldn't you want to add another step into your routine when it's this good?!

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Artist Palette:
It's no secret this product would be included in my monthly favorites this time around. The artistry behind this palette is amazing, from the packaging down to the colors inside. Wear alone, or incorporate the colors in the Artist Palette with your favorite transition neutrals to create a one of a kind look. With twelve intensely pigmented shades the options are truly endless!

Smashbox- Contour Stick & Morphe Brushes- M428:
Hellooo, non-surgical nose job! Seriously, these two products together snatch and slim your nose. Smashbox's deliciously creamy formula allows products to easily blend out, while the color creates a more shadow like appearance versus a bronze glow. Morphe's M428 brush is the contour sticks perfect compliment. Being just dense enough, this brush blurs product resulting in a beautiful blend without any harsh lines. The synthetic, duo-fiber bristles also helps to keep product in place, while the thinner shape ensures contour lines remain straight. 

NARS- Super Orgasm:
Not only in my top 5 favorites for this month, but definitely in my top 5 for favorite blushes of all time! Super Orgasm is a peachy pink with gold glitter, that gives you a beautiful flush with a subtle glow. Layer a lot for a more baby doll vibe, or a little for a natural pinch to the cheeks appearance. 

*nails: China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy

Until next month...