Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Fragrance is something that has always been important to me. From the memories your favorite perfume can bring back, to the comforting smells of the holidays, even your mothers vanity. So while leaving the Glossier showroom, we were swept off the streets through the red doors to a private fragrance affair!

Greeted by the Glossier gals in all red suits and walls whispering compliments, this was the beginning of our journey of Glossier you!
Next we were given a pink ribbon to tie around our wrists, and led behind an accordion door of mystery. 

The theater inspired decor, from plush pink carpets to the giant infinity mirror reflect the design of the bottle, literally giving the feel as if you've been transported inside the fragrance!

So, let's talk Glossier you.
Described as the "ultimate personal fragrance", a scent that "whispers instead of shouts", and that holds its true scent from the time you spray it on, to the time you wash it off.

Glossier you is a mix of heavy base notes such as ambrette, ambrox, and musk, which are the warm creamy scents that melt into the skin. While spicy pink pepper and iris root are the subtle top notes that invite you to stay. 
It feels familiar, giving the sense of dejavu, or as Glossier calls it "skin-like". 
Glossier you is not just for women (the baby pink bottle might state otherwise), but men as well. Using your body's own PH to smell like an enhanced, cozy, version of you-- because you are the most important ingredient!

My honest take-away. I love the marketing done in the New York showroom to really give visitors an intimate feel and understanding of the well-thought out fragrance. Glossier you is a beautiful, dreamy fragrance but because I am someone who prefers a heavier scent, this wouldn't be my daily go-to, but a pick for lighter days. 
That's the beauty of this fragrance though, the simple yet personal approach with every spritz, resulting in a unique scent that really is YOU!

shop the fragrance here

Glossier you is located at:
123 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10013

Friday, December 8, 2017

Get Ready With Me & Maple Holisitics

Sometimes turning on your night out playlist and blending your eyeshadow to the beat, or continuing that binge worthy netflix docu-series while styling your hair can be just as fun as the event you're getting glam for! 

If you're anything like me, you enjoy doing your makeup way more than styling your hair (hence how the bun has become my signature look), but what if I told you I've found a shampoo that not only heals your scalp but gives your hair that red carpet shine and feel...

Maple Holistic's is a cruelty free brand of premium products designed to enhance hygiene, health, and daily living. I was fortunate enough to receive their tea tree shampoo, and after a few washes fell in love!

Tea tree can be used for many causes, but is amazing for treating the scalp. When most people think of all the benefits a shampoo has to offer, they think of how it will help their hair and this is where the misconception lies. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, the same way good makeup starts with good skin!

This tea tree shampoo has the ability to sooth dry scalp helping reduce and remove dandruff. Also promoting hair growth, leaving hair feeling rejuvenated and fresh!

Maple Holistic’s tea tree shampoo is also formulated with jojoba oil, keratin, argan, lavender, and rosemary oils to further nourish and treat the scalp; and without all the bad stuff like sulfates, parabens, and gluten! 

From the way my natural waves dried, to the silkiness and life brought back to my hair after just a few washes, I could've gave the 90’s Herbal Essence girls a fun for their money!

*Because I’m not someone who shampoos everyday, this shampoo is ideal for it’s very hydrating. However, if you are someone who prefers daily shampooing I recommend alternating this shampoo with your other favorite 2-3 times throughout the week.

Shampoos, body care, essential oils, even items for your pet, Maple Holistic’s is your one stop shop for all-natural quality products! They're giving you all a chance to discover their amazing products as well.
Follow this link to start receiving your free goodies!

I want to try Maple Holisitics!

*M A K E U P  D E E T S:

KISS: Peony Lashes
DOSE OF COLORS: desixkaty- Fuego Highlight
NARS: Unlawful Blush
BITE BEAUTY: Custom Lipstick

Friday, December 1, 2017


Now that I am fully recovered from my turkey coma, and slight jump back into reality, I can finally share with you all bits from my first trip to New York!
I know, it only took me 26 years to make it to the big apple.

I've been a fan of Glossier for quite some time now. (I actually did a post embracing their #glossierpink campaign last summer, which you can check out here) From sharing a love of baby pink, to believing that good makeup starts with good skin; and although makeup is glamorous it should also be effortless. 
Seeing how their headquarters is in Soho, I knew I had to stop by!

Glossier really has this whole branding thing down. From the moment you enter the building you're taken on an exciting journey up to the Penthouse, "just push the rainbow button labeled PH"  through the elevator doors, opening up to Glossier in real life!

The showroom is filled with podiums displaying all of their beauty essentials for curious enthusiasts to try and potentially buy. Surrounded by chic simplistic decor, experts in pink work suits ready to answer any questions or lend an insider tip, and mirrors reminding you how good you look around every corner!
Seriously, if you can break away from the goodies this place is very instagramable. 

On your way out be sure to pick up some exclusive Glossier postcards for yourself, some to give your friends FOMO, and if you’re me, your supportive boyfriend resting his feet. 

I wanted to share a few of my Glossier favs, in case you can’t wait until your next trip to NY to get your hands- or face on these amazing products!
Boy Brow: my go-to product on natural days..actually on glam days too! This pomade like formula holds brows in place all day without stiffness adding just enough tint to appear fuller.

Balm dot com: Lip smackers all grown up! This do everything salve can be used on both the skin and lips. Packed with antioxidants and natural emollients to help nourish and hydrate. Seriously, this stuff will take your winter lips to new year baby smooth!

Clear Lip Gloss: 90's nostalgia in one bottle! Glossier has somehow made the most perfect clear gloss without any stickiness or grit, and added vitamin e to keep lips kissably soft. 

Glossier's showroom is located at:
123 Lafayette St., Penthouse, New York, NY 10013

*big thanks to Jeremy Biggers & my boo for these pics