Thursday, May 13, 2021


If you're anything like I was, packing your hospital bag is looming on your to-do list.
I get it, you don't want to pack too soon, but also don't want to be in labor, contracting, and scrambling to grab last minute items!

I researched many blogs before making my list and officially packing. But I'm here to tell you that a lot of the stuff you're worried about not forgetting won't even make it out of the bag!
That's why I want to share a few key things that are essential in benefiting your hospital stay!

*Be sure to check your hospitals website and ask your doctor what all the hospital provides. My hospital provided quite a bit, which saved room in my bag for more important things.*

The hospital provides you with one, but I'm here to help your lady bits by telling you to bring your own. This will save you at the hospital and at home. Trust me, you'll want to use this during the first pee, and many postpartum pees after that!

*I'll go more in depth about this & other things that will bring relief during postpartum in my next blog.
*My hospital also provided Dermaplast & cold pads for PP relief.

Baby making it's world debut and hours of the hospital cafe may not be aligned, so having a bag of snacks will be your saving grace. After hours of laboring (you can't eat once you're admitted), your grumbling stomach will thank you! Also great for your partner or support person if they get hungry during the stay too.
Bonus points if your hospital room has a refrigerator to stash drinks!

Remember that nipple cream I mentioned in my last post? Yeah, you'll need it during your stay at the hospital too. If you do choose to breastfeed, the nurses literally stick baby on your tit the moment he/she comes out! After that baby eats around the clock (every two hours), therefore sore and tired nipples are in your future. Nipple cream will relieve some of the pain, and make for a better breastfeeding experience overall.

Let's face it, you can have a birth plan but God and your baby have a plan of their own. You don't really know what your postpartum journey will look like, so having different pad sizes and panty options is essential. 
 Personally, I liked the mesh underwear the hospital provides. It was comfortable and I didn't have to worry about ruining my own! The pads in the hospital are huge, but again, I didn't mind them and liked the protection they provided. As a result, I didn't even open my PP panties or pads until I was back home! You may feel differently about the hospitals options, so still pack your own.
*Be sure to ask for extra pads & mesh underwear each day. You can take home whatever you don't use at the hospital. I actually left in a pair of mesh undies, and had a few pairs for my first days at home!*

This is a given, but don't forget it! 
Between family texts, overloading your camera roll with newborn pics, and FaceTime calls, you'll be happy you threw that extra charger in your bag.

No matter how many hours you labor, a shower will feel amazing! Save room in your bag by bringing minis of your essentials. 
Face wash, body wash, lotion, and dry shampoo is all I recommend. 
Hats off to you if you want to wash your hair in the hospital shower. I styled mine before we left, and just touched up with dry shampoo.
You could totally bring your own towel too. Tbh, hospital towels aren't the most luxurious. Just keep in mind postpartum bleeding, and laundry once you get home.
Oh, and don't forget your toothbrush!

Birth and postpartum welcomes you to lots of things, one being extremely dry lips. You'll want to have a tube bedside for easy application!

Babies need to stay warm and have suuuuper sharp nails. You'll want to have multiple of these items handy. The hospital will give you one of those nostalgic newborn hats, but if you're anything like me, you already have matching hats & mittens picked out for pictures!

While the nurses at the hospital are swaddling experts, you will not be. Swaddling that noodle newborn baby is much harder than it looks! Save yourself, and Dad, the headache and pack different size blankets and swaddling options (velcro, zip-up, etc). Looking back, this is the one thing I wish I brought more of- especially bigger "swaddle" blankets. You will eventually learn your preference, and what works for you and your baby.
When all else fails, the hospital blankets and a few lessons from the nurses is all you will need!

You'll eventually want nothing more than to get out of that hospital bed and walk around. Bring something you can easily slip on and off (you won't be able to touch your toes again juuust yet) and that feels good on those new mama feet!

Just like the bed, you'll eventually want to get out of the hospital gown too! If you plan to breastfeed, changing into something easily accessible for baby is key. Being in your own clothes will help you feel refreshed, more relaxed, and ready for a new day with your new baby!

Shocker, but your stomach doesn't automatically shrink once baby comes out. Like I mentioned before, your birth plan may change in the moment and as a result your body may feel different than expected when it's finally time to go home. When packing think cozy and light. You may surprise yourself and feel more comfortable in a tighter, more secure option, so bring that as well.
Personally I did pack both, but ended up leaving my my trusty sweats and graphic tee.

Some good options are:
- Light, flowy sundress
- Loose fitting pj pants or sweats
- Oversized/ comfortable t-shirt
- Nursing tank (with comfortable bottoms) or Nursing dress

Just knowing that you have options in your bag will help to reduce in the moment stress.

While we're on the subject of going home outfits, let's talk about baby's too!
Doctors and sonograms can be up to 2 pounds off, so having newborn and 0-3 month size outfits in your bag is "crucial". You won't want to have all newborn, or all 0-3, and then have your support person rushing home to get options!
Packing a few cute onesies, or other outfits is nice as well. This way you can try them on baby before going home (and it makes for cute pictures).
This may have been my favorite thing to pack. I still look at what we brought Celine home in and can't believe how tiny she was!

*Take all, and I really mean ALL THE THINGS from the hospital. Don't be afraid to ask for extras.
I collected a stash each day, and by the end of our stay had a good amount of postpartum and baby items to take home!*

Frida Mom Peri Bottle-

Having your bags packed means that baby's due date is nearing!!
I know this is such a nerve-racking but exciting time!
The saying, "Your body was made to do this" is true. It's amazing how strong us women are, and what are bodies are able to do.
Enjoy the ups and downs of labor. It may be long, but it will go by quick.
And remember to breathe!


Wednesday, May 5, 2021


Mother's Day is right around the corner, and it can be hard to find a gift that truly shows how much you love and appreciate the Moms in your life.
 From new Moms to Grand-moms, and every Mom in-between, I hope this guide will make the gift giving a bit easier this year!

From a personalized name necklace, to a beautiful piece she's had saved on her wishlist, this is a fool-proof gift every Mom will love!

Maternity/ Newborn Pics printed & framed:
I love this idea! While I personally did not have newborn pics done, I did do maternity pics and absolutely love them. Being able to have a way to enjoy those moments in time, not through a screen, is a such a special gift. Not sure of the type of frame she will want? Print the pictures and give Mom a gift card to pick the frames that best match her decor aesthetic!

Baby Book:
For all those firsts and tiny keepsakes. 
The new mom in your life will have a place, besides her phone, to document and cherish those memories forever.
Baby Books First Year Memory Book - Little Beach Babe Memory Book - Lucy Darling

Mommy Self-care Day:
Being a mom is the greatest yet hardest job in the world. No matter if you're a new Mom, or a mom who has transitioned to Grandma, all moms need a day to themselves! Gift the one in your life her favorite self-care activities.
Whether it be a gift card to a spa, or a basket of face masks and bath bombs to create a spa at home. Sunscreen and uninterrupted time outdoors, even her favorite snacks and time to catch up on reality tv, or watch her favorite movie! Some alone time to recharge and do the things she loves is the gift that keeps on giving.

Cozy Clothes/ New PJ's:
Perfect for the one who has become a stay at home mom during these quarantine times, or for the one who can't wait to change out of her work clothes! From silk pjs, a fluffy robe, even a new pair of lounge leggings, the mom in your life will be happy to have something besides her old sweats to come home to!

Mug Warmer:
If you're a mom, you know the struggle of pouring a fresh cup of coffee in the morning (or afternoon), only to enjoy a few sips before it's cold. Repeat the cycle a few times, and that cup of joe is good no more! Save Mom and her mornings with a mug warmer. Whether it be stationary or built in to the cup, either of these warmers will give Mom her cup of sanity back!

Personalized mug:
Speaking of mugs, why not make Mom's mornings even more special with a personalized one.
I gifted my mom a mug of all her grand babies for Christmas, and even though it was something so simple, its the thought behind it that makes the present so sweet. 
Together, the mug and the warmer will not only warm her cup but her heart as well.

Everyone loves to smell good. There's something about spritzing perfume that truly changes your mood. However, this can be a gift no-one ever buys themselves. Replenish moms favorite scent, or the one she's been saving magazine samples of for months!
Bonus points if it comes with a rollerball she can throw in her bag.

Customized Phone Case:
I've said it once (maybe twice) but I'll say it again, your phone case is your best accessory- so why not show off your greatest creation?!
It's cute, silly, and will make you (or your Mom) smile every time you turn your phone over.

Skincare Set:
Again, moms need to take care of themselves too, and her skincare routine could probably use a little TLC itself.
 A thoughtful way to give Mom her daily dose of zen, even if it is just five minutes in the bathroom!

Picture Printer:
What good are all those thousands of pics if something happens to her phone?! This at home printer will give Mom the ability to create a tangible home for all her favorites! You can have fun helping her print and frame, adding them to a photo album (even the baby book I mentioned earlier), or sending them out to loved ones!

& when all else fails, a homemade card and some flowers. 💐


links to some of my favorite sites/ items mentioned:




Mug Warmer 

Personalized Mug

Picture Printer

Check Moms favorite skincare brands site for Mothers Day deals & sets.
Sephora & Ulta also have great gift sets this time of year.
There's sooo many cute baby books on Amazon. You can really find one that fits Mom's (& baby's) personalities!

I'm excited to celebrate my first official Mothers Day this year, and may even treat myself to some things on this list!