Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I was so inspired by this choker I picked up at Forever21, that I instantly knew what kind of makeup I wanted to pair it with when I wore it out last night!

While I have done a pictorial and look similar to this in the past (you can check it out here), that was almost  t w o  y e a r s  ago! So even though the technique may be similar, the outcome and my skills differ.

This look is all about blending and layering. To achieve that smokey, blurred finish I recommend starting with lighter shades building up to darker ones. Just like with a smokey eye, you want the transition from dark to light to be seamless.

I find matte eyeshadows work best when creating smokey looks, for shadows containing shimmer can transfer into the crease, placing color where it's not intended.

Starting with a lighter shadow to map out your wing also acts as a transition shade once you begin blending.

Gradually building on top of the color with darker shadows in similar tones until desired smokiness is achieved. 

Concentrating the colors on the outer part of the eye, while slightly blending upwards into the outer crease to add subtle definition. 

To add even more depth and balance, I applied a little bronzer to the upper crease towards the brow.

By keeping all the "heavier" depth on the outer corners, you create the illusion of a more elongated, cat like shape.

I used the same pattern of colors on the lower lash-line to mimic the effect.

Although the eyes were completely matte, I wanted the inner corners to shine and sparkle! Adding a pigment to this area not only achieves that, but is another way to bring balance.

Since the eyes are darker, I chose to go with a super nude opaque lip. This one from Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a gorge, matte peach shade that I decided to top with a gloss. Doing so breaks up the all matte feel of this look, and helps to hydrate the lips. 
Plus, I've been really loving glossy lips again!

*products used:

LA GIRL: HD Concealer (to prime)
MAC: Studio Fix Powder- NC40 (to set concealer/ add color to lid)
URBAN DECAY: Naked 2 (transition/ build & blur wing)
URBAN DECAY: Faint (to deepen)
ANASTASIA BH: Baby I'm a Star (to deepen more)
ANASTASIA BH: Noir (darkest shade to deepen and smoke)
NYX: Kiss the Day (brow bone highlight)
MAC: Give Me Sun Bronzer (upper crease towards brow)
THE BALM COSMETICS: Overshadow- Work is Overrated (inner corner highlight)
ELF: Liquid Liner
COVERGIRL: Lash Blast Mascara
NYX: Micro Brow Pencil- Ebony
ANASTASIA BH: Clear Brow Gel

lower lash-line;
ANASTASIA BH: Baby I'm a Star
*used in the same order as lash-line to blend and smoke out 
outer part of the lower lash-line

MARIO BADESCU: Rose Water Facial Spray (to hydrate)
NYX: Dewy Finish Setting Spray (to prime)
NYX: Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator- Sunbeam (to add radiance before foundation)
MAYBELLINE: Better Skin Foundation
LA GIRL: HD Concealer- Beautiful Bronze (to cream contour)
LA GIRL: HD Concealer- Classic Ivory & Porcelain (to correct, conceal, and highlight)
RCMA: No Color Powder (to set)
MAC: Give Me Sun Bronzer
ANASTASIA BH: Gleam Glow Kit- Mimosa & Crushed Pearl (to highlight)
MAC: Melba Blush
MILANI: Luminosos Blush

MAC: Such Sweetness

*choker: Forever21 get it here
here here & here

Thursday, August 11, 2016


"yellow, it's me."

While scrolling through the gram, prolonging my getting ready process per usual, I came across this picture from @nojusthenry and instantly fell in love!

I have raved about Henry Vasquez (@nojusthenry) before and how much I not only admire his work, but his persona as well. While he always post creative and inspiring makeup looks, there was something about this innovative, vivid look that sparked me to create my own version!

Vasquez used a Jeffree Star liquid lipstick as an eyeshadow (these are cruelty free and safe to use on the face and eyes as well)! I had just received my summer collection of Jeffree Star lippies, so I thought why not do the same?!

After two trial and errors with this whole lipstick as an eyeshadow thing, I found it worked best without the use of an eyeshadow primer and [with] a synthetic blending brush. -- I used two from Real Techniques -- 
I did have to work fast; like when applied to the lips, these lippies can dry a bit quick.

I have recently been really into yellows. I think it is a color that gets overlooked often, for it can be rather intimidating. I mean, when we think of yellow what comes to mind? Nail polish, eyeliner, and the forgotten shade in your favorite eyeshadow palette. To me, yellow is actually a universally flattering color! Imagine how gorge this bright yellow would pop against deeper skin, or how it would compliment the warmth of others. I personally love the way it brought out the color of my eyes in a non conventional way!

Blending a darker shadow up into the brow is a more artistic way to bring dimension to the eyes; while a yellow liner in the waterline helps to eliminate any negative space.
Because the eyes truly are the focus of this look, I chose to keep everything else muted and neutral. I skimped on blush and instead used a bronzer to bring warmth to the cheeks, and a true nude matte lip (also a Jeffree Star favorite) helps to not distract the focus elsewhere.

*products used:

JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS: Velour Liquid Lipstick- Queen Bee
ANASTASIA BH: Phresh (darker yellow in crease/brow & underneath to blend lipstick)
NYX: Kiss the Day (brow bone highlight)
COVERGIRL: Lash Blast Mascara
NYX: Micro Brow Pencil- Ebony
ANASTASIA BH: Clear Brow Gel

MARIO BADESCU: Rose Water Facial Spray (hydrate/prime)
NYX: Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator- Sunbeam (to add glow to the skin)
RCMA: Foundations
LA GIRL: HD Concealer- Classic Ivory (conceal dark circles)
LA GIRL: HD Concealer- Porcelain (conceal/highlight)
RCMA: Foundations (cream contour)
RCMA: No Color Powder (bake undereyes/ set high points of face)
LAURA MERCIER: Mineral Pressed Powder- Natural Beige (set foundation)
MAC: Give Me Sun bronzer
ANASTASIA BH: Gleam Glow Kit- Mimosa (highlight)
THE BALM COSMETICS: Mary-Lou Manizer (highlight even more)
THE BALM COSMETICS: Betty-Lou Manizer (blush)

OCC: Lipliner- Pennyroyal
JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS: Velour Liquid Lipstick- Mannequin

REAL TECHNIQUES: Starter Brush Kit- Deluxe Crease Brush
& Duo Fiber Brush Kit- Duo Fiber Eye Brush

*nails: OPI- Barefoot in Barcelona

Saturday, August 6, 2016

July Top 5 Beauty Favorites

I know I said last month that summer was officially here, but I was wrong.
Here are some hot new products I couldn't get enough of!

*all product pics are linked

Nip + Fab Body, Shimmer Leg Fix:
Anything that contains rose and shimmer instantly has me sold! This skin softening moisturizer has just enough glitter to give skin a jlo glow, while the subtle mix of rose and ginger leaves you smelling like an enchanting summer vacation night. I'm obsessed with applying this right before I go out. Sometimes, I'll even apply it to my shoulders and d├ęcolletage to have my whole body gleamin' and glowing'!

Fresh, Rose Face Mask:
A few months ago I needed a new mask to try out, so I dug deep into my skincare archives and found an old favorite. Great for all skin types, this mask is infused with rosewater and actual roses (two and a half per jar, to be exact), to restore radiance and suppleness to the skin. Along with cucumber extract and aloe vera, to help calm and tone. I seriously love this mask, and love how soft and smooth it leaves my skin feeling! Recommended use is 2-3 times a week, but to be honest I use it about once or twice a month. Bonus: it also helps calm and reduce any breakouts I may have.

Mac, Melba Blush:
I honestly don't know why I didn't include this blush in last months favorites, for we are going on a two month long relationship! I have to give a shoutout to my bestie for leaving her practically empty pan at my house, and officially starting our love affair. Melba is a soft matte, coral blush with peach tones that compliment all skins and makeup looks. Not too orange and not too pink, but juuuust right!

see, practically empty!

Elizabeth and James, Nirvana Black:
Personally, my favorite fragrances are ones that embody masculinity with feminine sophistication. There is something so sexy and empowering about a strong musky scent on a woman, and this one by Elizabeth and James does not fall short! Being the darker twin of the two (you can read about how much I used to love Nirvana White here), Nirvana Black strikes the perfect balance by combining notes of violet, sandalwood, and vanilla. A warm blend that leaves a mysterious aura. Plus, this fragrance is a good dupe for my go-to scent, Tom Ford Black Orchid at a fraction of the price!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Lip Pencil- Pennyroyal:
I just couldn't stay away from this lip pencil last month! Not only does it literally pair with all my favorite nudes, this roasted peachy brown [pencil] is long lasting and creamy so it lines lips with ease. The best part, OCC's pencils can be used on the eyes and face too! I love to wear this one in my water line when I rock a smokey brown eye.

*nails: OPI- Barefoot in Barcelona

Until next month...