Friday, November 23, 2018


Now that I've fully recovered from my food coma, I am back to share with you all the amazing deals and steals this holiday weekend! Because lets be honest, some of us prefer to shop from the comfort of our couch, avoiding the crowds, with the ability to break for another plate of food.

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Happy Shopping!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

AMY WINEHOUSE ; Halloween Glam

An ode to an icon.

I wanted to share one more Halloween look this year. One that I've wanted to create for a while now, Amy Winehouse!

This look is sort of a no-brainer. Not only is it iconic, but from a makeup standpoint, fairly simple.

I had to take it back to the 2000's. The height of Amy's career, and the time her eyeliner was it's boldest! (I actually took these pics on my Mac for that classic, grainy PhotoBooth feel) Besides listening to her albums on repeat, I studied multiple pictures of her makeup to truly embody her moody persona, dgaf attitude, and the overall tragic beauty she possessed.
I personally loved looking at all the pictures and seeing her liner grow with her career. 

Amy clearly didn't follow any trends. The main one being the heavy contour trend that was paving the way in the makeup world. So for this look I skipped contour, instead applying a generous amount of blush to the cheeks and up towards the temples. This still defines the cheekbones, and brings a subtle definition to the face. I also added a pop of highlight to the cheekbones and forehead for a more natural, dewy look. 

For my eyes, I added a matte neutral shade in my crease. Sometimes Amy wore eyeshadow and other times just liner. I prefer to have a little something in my crease to define and shape to the eye.

Now on to her iconic wings! The greatest thing about this glam is the liner doesn't have to be perfect! The liner is supposed to be effortless, bold, and perfectly imperfect! 
I used my favorite liquid liner and started by drawing the wing how I would for my typical makeup. Then gradually began to thicken and expand the line up towards the brow.

Another reason Amy's wings were so iconic.. the rounded shape. You can achieve this by following the natural bone structure of your eye, or take the easy route and create the shape with a makeup wipe after application!
Finishing the eyes by adding a thin line of black shadow to the lower lash line.

Although Amy rocked a worn in lip, her lip liner was always prominent. Using a long-wear lip liner, I started lining my lips, concentrating on defining the shape. I then took the same liner and began to smudge it all over my lips. Lastly, I used my fingers to further smudge and buff out the color even more.

*You could do this same technique with a similar colored lipstick, by lightly applying and blotting the color with your fingers.

Now onto the beehive!
This is another element of Amy that does not have to be perfect. If we're being honest, it oftentimes looked as if she had not redone, or even brushed her hair in days!
I started creating this hairstyle by pulling my hair half up/ half down, this will act as the base of your hive. I then took some extensions and a teasing brush to back comb and rat them up. Next, clipping the extensions around the half up "ponytail", until height and fullness of your beehive is achieved.
Basically, just mess up a pile of extensions (or your own hair, but jesus be a conditioner when it's time to tame that tease) and attach them to the top of your head!

Draw on some tattoos and your Amy Winehouse Halloween glam is complete!

M A K E U P  D E E T S:

e y e s;

URBAN DECAY: NAKED Petite Heat Palette-
NYC: Liquid Liner
ABH: Noir (lower lash line)
NYX: Micro Brow Pencil

f a c e;

MAC: Strobe Cream
FENTY BEAUTY: Pro Filtr Foundation
MAKEUP REVOLUTION: Full Coverage Concealer
RCMA: No Color Powder
BH COSMETICS: 10 Color Blush Palette
ABH: Amrezy Highlight
NYX: Lip Liner- Nutmeg (Monroe piercing)

l i p s;

BH COSMETICS: Waterproof Lip Liner- Rosy

*Used a white eyeliner to first sketch on tattoos. Then used a mix of black face paint an eye shadows to color and shade.

Until next year...

Saturday, October 27, 2018

GLAMPIRE 2.0; Halloween Glam

Of course Halloween, one of my favorite times of year, is what brought my blog of out retirement. 

To me a Vampire, or as I like to call her- a Glampire, is a classic Halloween look. There are so many different variations and styles; from old Hollywood movies and tv, to pop culture which portrays this mythical creature in a sexier way. 
Just like my last Glampire, she is fierce, dead but alive. Possessing a more intense craving, longing for the desire to seduce her victims (men), and hunger for their blood! All while living her best fabulous un-dead life!

For this look I pulled inspiration from my previous creation, Lady Gaga's character from American Horror Story, and a few other pictures I stumbled across online. I knew I wanted this 2.0 version to be even more dead, have deeper hollows, and overall more glam!

I started this Glampire glam the same way I start all my makeup looks, with the eyes. 
Even when doing Halloween makeup, this helps prevent a mess of fall-out, and makes for easier clean up.
This is where I really took inspo from Lady Gaga. I liked how the shape of her eyes was sultry, demonic, but still gave that lifted appearance. While Gaga wore a more natural eye, I was a becoming a glampire so of course I went for something smokey! Applying a liquid glitter shadow to the lid adds that extra touch of glam again, pulling inspo from Gaga's wet lid look.
Placing crease colors higher, and blending them into the brows also creates depth and helps to change the shape of the eye.

I used a mix of different concealers to achieve this faux bleached brow. Taking a spooly and combing the concealers through until desired lightness is reached.
*If your brows are naturally darker, you can start with a orange toned color correcting concealer to cancel out the darkness. Then layer the lighter concealers over top.*

For my pale, ghoulish skin I just mixed a little white paint with my everyday foundation. I started to create hollows by carving out my natural features with a combination of different eye shadow. Starting with a lighter shade to sculpt, then gradually applying darker colors to add depth and dimension. This is the best way to keep skin looking fierce, not muddy. Next I took a big fluffy brush and red eyeshadow to "warm up my skin" as you would when bronzing. However, instead of looking sun kissed- I wanted to look blood kissed!
I repeated this same process on my neck and chest. Using the darker shades to hollow out my collar bones, then adding the red shadow.

I also used different textured sponges (I found mine at Michaels) and the same eyeshadows to create bruising and stippling on the neck and chest. I later followed this same technique with red paint to incorporate blood spots.

For the blood drips on my neck, I used a water based paint and a brush. The key to achieve a great drip is for the brush to be extra wet! Place the brush flat against your neck and just let the drips fall.
I later added a thicker, jelly like blood to the neck and mouth, for a "I just had a messy dinner" effect!

Finish off this look by giving her a blood stained ombre lip.

I threw on a wig, elbow gloves, and gaudy rings because duh, I'm a Glampire!

* I picked up some vampire teeth at my local Halloween store, and totally got the wrong size. They were teeth fit for a giant*

M A K E U P  D E E T S-

f a c e:

FENTY BEAUTY: Pro filtr foundation
SNAZAROO Face paint palette- white
MAKEUP REVOLUTION: Full coverage concealer- C1

*To create contours & hollows:
DOSE OF COLORS: Desi x Katy Friendcation palette- Necessary & Churro 
MORPHE: 15S Palette- #ad & #offcamera & #makeover
ABH: Aubergine
MORPHE: Red eyeshadow

e y e s:

DOSE OF COLORS: Desi x Katy Friendcation Palette- Basic (crease)
MORPHE: 15S palette- #ad (crease)
#makeover (outer crease)
#offcamera (wing/ deepen outer crease)
MORPHE: Glitter Fever Liquid Eyeshadow- the gold shade
*used the same shades to create hollows around and under the eyes 

l i p s:

MORPHE: Lip liner- Sweet Tea
JEFFREE STAR: Velour Liquid Lipstick- I'm Nude
J CAT BEAUTY: Wonder Lip Paint (in the center)
*set with ABH Aubergine eyeshadow & a little bit of red shadow
- also used these shades for bruising effect on the corners.

BEN NYE:  Fresh Scab

Friday, May 18, 2018


Opening today, The Sweet Tooth Hotel is a "sugar- fueled art and retail pop up shop", and we were lucky enough to experience all the joy before the public!

Husband and wife, Cole and Jencey Keeton have curated a 1,200 square foot, interactive sugar themed hotel.

From neon cacti with ring pop thorns, cotton candy thunderclouds, gummy bear chandeliers, and a bath tub filled with gummy rings and sprinkles, this Instagram worthy world would make Willy Wonka himself proud.

Surprises behind each door, and around every corner, you'll experience a sense of nostalgia, while a light scent of cotton candy fills the air as you explore all this imaginative pop up as to offer!

The Sweet Tooth Hotel is located at:
2316 Victory Park Lane
Dallas, TX 75219

and is only open from May 18th - June 30th!

Head over to their website to fill your appetite before all the golden tickets sell out!

*Thanks to Jeremy Biggers for these pics. 
Be sure to check out his work throughout the hotel & in the gift shop!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

MET GALA GLAM | Kim Kardashian West

The Met Gala is to women, what the Super Bowl is to men.
One of the biggest nights in fashion, basically the only carpet that matters- a week later and I'm still shook!

Heavenly Bodies was the theme this year, and quite possibly the most controversial. While I was mesmerized by all the looks, and how each individual embodied the theme, I definitely had my top picks.

When it came to [the] Met Gala glam, Kim Kardashian and Mario Dedivanovic did not come to play once again! While most kept their glam demure to not overpower the fashions, Kim broke the rules by letting both her glam and her dress shine (literally)!

Kim's dress was custom Versace, and a nod to their 90s runway collection.
Mario said he too was inspired by makeup from the runway models, and used that to create another iconic look!

Of course I wanted to recreate my version of this makeup! Even though this is not my usual style of glam, I still wanted to tailor it to me. For instance, not exaggerating my inner corners, and smudging the liner in a way that was more flattering to my eye shape. That's the beauty of makeup though- being inspired by another artists' work and making it your own!

Obviously I had to finish it off with the half up half down hairstyle. Seriously, 9 year old Kitty is gagging right now!

M A K E U P  D E E T S - - 

E Y E S;

Miami (crease)
Albanian (lid)
ULTA BEAUTY: Gel Eyeliner Pencil- Black (line upper and lower water lines)
ANASTASIA BH: Nior (set/ smudge out liner)
NYX COSMETICS: Micro Brow Pencil- Ebony

F A C E;

TOO FACED: Born this Way Foundation
LA GIRL: HD Concealer
RCMA: Cream Contour quad
RCMA: No Color Powder
KAT VON D: Shade & Light Contour Palette- Sombre (to deepen contour)
MAC: Give Me Sun (to bronze)
MAC: Melba
ANASTASIA BH: Amrezy Highlight

L I P S;

MAC: Stripdown Lip Liner
MAC: Fleshpot (center of lips to lighten)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

[Throwback]: My trip to Bite Beauty's Lip Lab

A chilly weekend in Dallas had me reminiscing on my trip to New York, and all the activities I never shared.

If there's one thing I love, it's lipstick. [so] as I was pursuing "things to do in New York" I stumbled upon Bite Beauty's Lip Lab and immediately put it #1 on the list!

"Experience the art of making your very own personalized lipstick"
umm, yes please!

Deep in the heart of SoHo is where you'll find the quaint Lab. Containers and trays aligned with lipsticks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but transports you into a lipstick wonderland Willy Wonka himself would be proud of!

Upon arriving, you're greeted with your Lip Artist, who will guide you through your lipstick journey.

Choose from hundreds of exclusive pigments, or create a totally personalized shade.
Choose your favorite texture;
(matte, sheer, classic, or luminous)
Lastly choose your scent or a combo of two;
(cherry, mint, vanilla, fresh citrus, violet, coconut, citrus mango, wild berry, or lime)

Your lip artist will mix shades and textures until ideal color is met. Believe me, you can mix and try on as many different combinations as you feel necessary!

I knew I had to take this opportunity to create the perfect nude! A true opaque that would compliment my skin tone rather than wash me out.
For my second lipstick, I opted for a vampy dark shade.
*Fun fact, this was the only color we mixed and tried on!

Once you find your perfect match, the real excitement begins.
From mixing, melting, molding, and cooling, you get to see your lipstick baby come to life right before your eyes!

Overall this was such a fun experience that I would definitely do again. My artist, Janet was such a pleasure to work with as well. She had great energy and engaged in conversation throughout the entire appointment, truly making the experience that more enjoyable!

$55 per person
(1 shade of lipstick)
$80 per person
(2 shades of lipstick)

$150 per person
(1 lipstick shade & Lip Kit)

Another great thing- Bite keeps your custom lippie on file so you can reorder whenever you'd like!

Bite Beauty Lip Lab is located at:
174 Prince Street
New York, NY
*ask for Janet ;)

Thursday, March 22, 2018


A stan of the monochromatic trend, I thought it would be fun to take it to a whole new level by matching my makeup to my outfit!

This is a tried and true makeup trend that can be seen all over runways, print campaigns, even the Kardashians. 
Green is a color of virtue, beauty, and love, for it has been linked to many greek goddesses of the past. The beautiful emerald color of this dress not only inspired me, but pulled me away from my traditional night out glam!

The technique to achieving this smokey eye is super simple, and can be used with any combination of shadows/ colors.
I started with a neutral transition shade. Transition shades help to give definition, while acting as a guide for other shadows. I next blended the lid shade into my crease. This acts as a placement guide, allowing colors to flow seamlessly in a gradient.
 Brining that same shade onto the lid, to finish off the look.
I wanted the green on my lids to be a little more metallic, so I took a light gold shade and applied it to the middle of my eyes with my ring finger for that added pop!

I opted for a darker nude lip, to compliment the darker eyes without lips looking washed out or too muted.

M A K E U P  D E E T S:

e y e s;

ANASTASIA BH: Rustic (crease/ transition)
Anaconda (crease & lid)
Cyprus Umber (outer v/ smoke out lash line)
Fairy (center of lid)
ULTA BEAUTY: Gel Liner Pencil- Black
LANCOME: Monsieur Big Mascara
ANASTASIA BH: Brow Wiz- Ebony

*repeat shadows on lower lash line

f a c e;

ELF: Beauty Shield Makeup Mist
L'OREAL: Pro Glow Foundation
RCMA: Color Correcting Concealer
LA GIRL: HD Concealer- Porcelain
RCMA: Translucent Powder
BENEFIT COSMETICS: Hoola Quickie Contour Stick
KAT VON D BEAUTY: Shade & Light Palette
ANASTASIA BH: Amrezy Highlight
NARS: Unlawful Blush

l i p s;

BITE BEAUTY: Custom Lipstick
BITE BEAUTY: Rambutan Gloss

shop similar dresses here: