Tuesday, January 31, 2017


While it may currently feel like spring here in Dallas, it's technically still winter everywhere else in the world- or as I like to call it, BOOT SZN.

Like I've said before, Texas weather can be classified under the weird tab, so there is a short period of time where I can trade my sandals for booties!

With the help of King Ranch, I wanted to showcase three of my favorite boots and how I style them this season.

C O M B A T:

I wanted to put together a more caj fit. One you could throw on to run errands, catch a movie, even a low-key dinner with the gang. Comfy but stylish; my MO these days, and this outfit totally embodies that. These boots were definitely made for walking, and paired with a light-weight fatigue and moto inspired joggers bring a trendy vibe to this easy fit!

N U D E:

Glam meets grange, this outfit screams Kitty! Mixed textures and prints make this outfit #ootd ready and perfect for a night out. These booties have become a staple in my wardrobe this season. Comfortable and neutral, they literally go with e v e r y t h i n g! Throw on a shaggy faux fur to play off the rocker element of the graphic tee and to complete this look.

L A C E - U P:

I wanted to include a local brand for my last look, Great Clothing Co. To dress up this cozy crew neck, I laced up my favorite pair of over the knee boots! They are not only a statement shoe, but can glam up any outfit in an unexpected way! To bring out the red details in the sweater, I finished this look with a flannel in a similar shade.

King Ranch is not just a destination spot for nature lovers and equestrians alike, but a great place to shop for cowgirl boots! I've linked a few of my favorites below, but you can shop their entire collection. From your traditional cowboy styles, to distressed leather and accent details, there is truly something for everyone!

*outfit deets:
with links

C O M B A T;

BODYSUIT: Fashion Nova
similar- misguided & asos

similar- asos & misguided

JOGGERS:  Hollister
similar- here

BOOTS: Steve Madden
similar- target

BABE CHOKER: Forever 21
similar- windsor

similar- here & princess p jewelry

N U D E;

similar- forever 21

GRAPHIC TEE: Missguided
similar- asos & asos

similar- here & windsor

BOOTIES: Lolashoetique

similar-windsor & windsor

L A C E - U P;

CREWNECK: Great Clothing Co.

JEANS: Hollister

FLANNEL: Rue 21 (mens)
similar- here & asos

BOOTS: Lolashoetique

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dear 2016 ...

If you would've told me last year how my 2016 was going to turn out, I might have only believed half of it.

2016 was definitely the year of fun! I'm thankful for the opportunities I was blessed with, the relationships I gained and the ones I lost- for they brought me to a much happier place. To find patience and growth with positive energy and efforts throughout all the road blocks and creative delays, while being able to put that same energy into what you truly want is always the "resolution" I strive to accomplish.

Here's to another year long journey without comparison to the next persons, bigger career moves, more traveling, and of course more fun!
Life is beautiful and I'm forever grateful for all the love in mine.

💗 💗 💗

I wanted to showcase the fun and the people that helped make this year #sexual2016 by finally putting together those saved Snapchat stories, pictures, and random videos, so you all could relive the highlights of last year with me!

-- & yes, my Youtube channel (here) is finally happening!! This is just the beginning; so all requests, comments, and subscribers are welcomed and appreciated!! Seriously, the support and love never goes unnoticed.

Happy 2017!