Thursday, October 31, 2019

I tried turning myself into Morticia Addams, and it didn't go quite as planned...

Halloween, one of the best holidays.
From the spooky energy in the air, the giant bags of candy, creative costumes, and all the fun festivals and parties! For me, it's also a time to dive into my creative bag- and list, of all the ideas and characters I want to transform into!

The Addams Family is a cult classic, and with the cartoon remake coming out this Halloween season I thought, why not turn myself into this modern day Morticia Addams!

I pulled inspiration from the movie itself, along with various drawings I found online. This type of animated character was something completely different than I've ever done, but I was up for the challenge.

There were definitely points throughout this transformation where I thought to myself,
"where exactly is this going?"
Even the occasional,
"WTF am I doing?!"
came to mind, but these thoughts can arise throughout any creative process, so I kept going!

By the finishing touches, I knew she wasn't the Morticia I envisioned. However, I spent sooo many hours on her that I couldn't let this haunting Halloween look go to waste! Like, is she part Jessica Rabbit, is she a cast member from Planet of the Apes that got cut last minute, or is she just a creepy af Morticia?! It's up to your interpretation.

Were there parts of this look that I think I killed? Absolutely.
Do I look back and think what I could do differently next time? Totally.

I normally wouldn't share something like this, but it's funny, and it's real life what happens sometimes when creating something for the first time.

At the end of the day Halloween is supposed to be fun, it's supposed to be spooky, and I honestly spooked myself with this transformation!!

There may be more "Halloween Looks" coming, because why should we only do creative looks one month out of the whole year?!
(and I was blessed to be so busy that I ran out of time to create a few more I wanted to do)
In the meantime, head over to my Instagram to see some of the client Halloween looks I did this year!

Happy Halloween 👻

Monday, October 21, 2019

How to look luxe for less, with Femme Luxe

If you're anything like me, you turn to IG and blogs to discover the latest trends and brands. And like me, often find yourself disappointed once on the brands website. Whether it be overpriced items, bad reviews, shipping complaints, or something to that nature. 

Femme Luxe is a brand that has been on my radar for quite some time now, so I was more than happy when they came into my life (and inbox) and wanted me to showcase some of my favorite pieces from their collection!

"Mesh overlay mini in Louise"

Everyone needs a little black dress in their wardrobe. To me, they're like nude lipsticks- they may seem the same, but are totally different than all the others in your closet! I love how the mesh overlay and piping details bring a sexy feel to the rather traditional lbd.
The ruching also creates a flattering 3-dimensional fit. Perfect for dinner dates, you can indulge as much as you want without worrying about showcasing your unborn food baby!

This dress would also be cute dressed down in a more causal way. Think denim or leather jacket, trendy sneaks, and you’re ready for all the daytime activities!

"PU corset top in Amy"

Let’s chat about corset tops. Personally, I love them. They bring this flirtatious, almost risqué element to any outfit (especially with this one being faux leather).
I chose to pair mine with a white tee for a 90s vibe, Cher from Clueless will always be my style inspo, but you can totally rock this top so many ways!
On it’s own and have the girls sitting great,
Paired with an oversized flannel for the ultimate fall look,
Even over your favorite band tee,
This truly is such a versatile piece and one that will have you all saying, 
“You Kitty, are an OUTFIT REPEATER!"
*we’re def friends if you know where that line is from*

"Co-ord set in Maria"

It’s a known fact that I looove cozy fits. I especially love them paired with heels, basically I couldn’t put this co-ord on fast enough!
Not only do the pants hug your curves just right, but come equipped with an elastic waist and ankle for a fit that stays in place. 
There’s nothing I despise more than the ankles of my pants making me look like an extra in Aladdin, or having to constantly adjust my pants up throughout the day. 
Cozy, comfy, and chic this outfit will keep you looking cute and feeling snug all season long!

Thanks again to Femme Luxe for saving me from all my fashion foes!
Quality items from the latest trends, to the everyday staples at too good to be true prices.
Plus great customer service, and estimates on delivery date before purchasing. It doesn't get much better than that!
Femme Luxe can save you too, while keeping you looking fab all fall!

O U T F I T  L I N K S;

Mesh Dress:

Corset Top:

Co-Ords & Sets:

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

PINK DEVIL; Halloween Glam

Halloween, one of my favorite times of the year! 

I always say I'm going to plan my looks throughout the year, but somehow October still creeps up on me! My future self was looking out however, when I saved a picture late last year.

"White Whisper" by Amber Carr Art was the image I stumbled upon, fell in love with, and instantly knew I had to recreate for a Halloween look.

There are so many different versions of devils; from the more common evil red character, to the more sexy version, the extreme mythical demonic creature found in movies and tv, even the silly cartoon baby.

What drew me to these devil babes (as Amber calls them), are all the emotions they exude. They're beautiful in this melancholy way, yet still possessing this mythical almost mischievous edge. There's also so many stories you can conjure up from this piece. Are they two friends sharing secrets, or are they trapped in the underworld longing for something more?! 
I ultimately wanted to embody the moody feel portrayed through the eyes of the character. 
While I was inspired by Amber Carr, she actually found inspiration for the pink character from Hedy Lamarr. That's where the slight old Hollywood vibe comes from.

From a makeup standpoint this look is fairly simple. The most challenging part (besides painting half of your body pink), would be covering and creating new brows. To do this I used the tried and true glue stick hack! 
*tip: the purple one works the best*

The shading on my eyes and face was all done with the same two-three eyeshadows.
I started with a lighter pink to define the crease and build the shape of my eyes. Then using a darker pink to deepen the hollows from the brow to the contour of my nose. This gives that theatrical, moody effect to the look. Using an even darker, more purple toned shadow, I created a baby wing to add even more expression and elongate the eyes. I opted for a deep purple rather than a black to not overpower the other shades in this look.

I followed the same gradient technique to contour, highlight, and sculpt my face. Applying blush higher into the under eye area also gives a more natural flush to the cheeks.

I decided last minute to pop some individual lashes to my lower lash line to play up the doe-eyed look, further adding even more expression!

The devil horns I got at a local Halloween store and just painted pink.
The wig, I've had for a while and is actually pink! It photographed blonde, and I'm not mad at it. I think it brings a different, fun element to the overall character.

M A K E U P  D E E T S:

e y e s;

MORPHE: light pink shadow (crease/ transition)
MORPHE: 15s palette- #Besties (crease)
COLOURPOP X ILUVSARAHII: Through my Eyes Palette- Divina (liner/brows/ a little in hollows)
SNAZAROO: face paint & KKW BEAUTY: Brigtehning powder- shade 1 (lid)
CLINIQUE: High Impact Mascara
KISS LASHES: medium individual lashes

f a c e;

SNAZAROO: face paint
COLOURPOP X ILUVSARAHII: Through my Eyes Palette- Divina (darkest contours)
MORPHE: 15s Palette- #besties (contours)
KKW BEAUTY: Brightening Powder- shade 1 (highlights)
BH COSMETICS: Hot pink blush

l i p s;

ULTA: Lip liner- Rose
MAC: Viva Glam Lipstick- Miley Cyrus

*I edited my eyes pink in post, because ya girl does not fuck with contacts*