Tuesday, September 1, 2020

My Maternity Shoot

 A million thoughts run through your head the day you find out you're pregnant. For me, one of those what that I knew I wanted to create a maternity shoot I would be able to look back on and cherish.

The uncertainty of Covid made me doubt the idea of my dream maternity shoot becoming a reality. However, after months of envisioning, creating a mood board, and realizing that I'm never going to be pregnant for the first time again, I decided to safely go ahead and set one up!

I wanted to embody the feelings you have growing a child-
Feminine mixed with mother nature, dreamy and ethereal, beautiful and angelic.

I have to give a huge shoutout and thanks to Anna who brought my vision to life, and Taylor who created this gorgeous bouquet that really completed the look.

There's honestly so many good pics that I even had a difficult time narrowing them down this, but I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Anna's Photography:

Taylor of The Floral Electric:

Sunday, August 30, 2020

NESTING: How to make the most out of a small space with a new baby

Nesting: the act of organizing, cleaning, and preparing for a baby.
While most start this phase during the last few months of pregnancy, thanks to being stuck at home during quarantine, I like to think mine started a little bit sooner.

Since moving in together, we've been able to make our one bedroom apartment work for us. However factor in the early baby gifts, diapers you start stockpiling, and the four walls you call home quickly begin to feel more like four walls of a cardboard box!

Personally, I started to think of all the things I wished I had, like a room to convert to a nursery. I even found myself angry at the layout of the laundry/storage room, conjuring up ways I could apartment-friendly redesign it! A few deep breaths and a snack break later, I was refreshed and knew I just needed to get creative with the space I DID have. 
I spent many hours pinning and saving furniture, and can gladly say that after a few months (and a few trips to the Target drive-up) I am very happy with the little spaces I've created for baby.

Wanted to share a few helpful hints I learned along the way for any other new, or soon to be moms in a similar situation!

First, declutter and reorganize!
I know this seems like a no-brainer, but after throwing away old mail, cleaning out the junk drawer, even rearranging the pantry and disposing of old food, I suddenly had so much free space! Now I was able to organize baby things, and the necessities we use frequently as well.

Storage baskets and bins will become your best friend.
I have these all over, from the bathroom closet to the changing table. Not only do they hide extra linens and skincare products, make everything look more aesthetically pleasing, but give everything a proper place which helps keep you and the area looking organized! Baskets and bins are also a way to have fun with storage. By choosing your favorite color or a fun pattern, you're able to incorporate a theme just as you would in a nursery.

Next, rework and get creative with the space you do have!
Another thing that will become your BFF throughout this whole process- a tape measure.
Think of the big items you absolutely need to make space for; i.e..a glider/rocker, bassinet, changing table, etc. Then get to measuring and re-arranging! Just make sure you leave the heavy lifting to the non-pregnant one in the relationship.
Moving furniture to a different corner or hallway almost adds a sense of feng shui by opening up and harmonizing the room in a new way!

I fret for months about where and how I was going to store her clothes. After driving myself (and probably everyone I talked to) crazy imaging ways I could re-work the apartment, on top of endless nights scrolling furniture sites, I finally found the solution right in front of me.. the unused space in our closet!
With the help of my trusty measuring tape I was able to order the perfect little dressers for her little clothes.
These dressers were literally like the missing pieces of the puzzle, fitting so perfectly in a space that we weren't even occupying with our own clothes!
Since baby clothes are so tiny, I was also able to hang a few special pieces right above a shelf staging my accessories. Again, this wasn't a space I was using nor does it eliminate any additional storage for my things.

I think all one bedroom first time moms long for creating and decorating their baby's dream nursery. Take it from me, creating the little areas in your home will bring you the same sense of joy and comfort. You'll walk by each corner proud of your work and dream of the little baby that will be occupying it so soon! Along with every tiny piece of clothing you fold and put away, imaging the days of dressing up your little one.
We will be able to create that special space just for our baby one day, with a little extra knowledge on how to maximize and organize the area!

Plus let's be real, babies eventually take over the whole house, so why not start early by having a little bit of baby in every room!

Shop some of my items;

Pink stackable storage container with lid:
(I purchased in the 3 & 3.7 size)

Pink 2 drawer storage cube:

Pink rectangle storage basket:
(used for diapers and wipes)

Mini storage basket:
(I have these all over the house & in so many different colors)

Medium storage basket:

Large storage basket:
(used for extra linens in bathroom)

Pink children hangers:

4 drawer tower:
(used in laundry/kitchen area for bibs, bottles, extra nursing things, etc)

Changing table:

(not pictured)

Friday, June 19, 2020

HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER : What it's like being pregnant during a pandemic

How are we here already?!

If you would've told me 7 months ago that I would be pregnant in the middle of a global pandemic caused by an unknown virus flipping life everyday as we know it upside down, while riots and protests fighting for equal rights are also happening all over the world, I would've assumed you watch waaayy too many sci-fi movies.
Yet here I am writing this from the comfort of my home, while the outside world is still in shambles, and a tiny baby kicks in my belly. 

There are a lot of emotions and a lot of firsts that come with being newly pregnant. From the excitement of telling your friends and family, your first ultrasound seeing your little peanut, the first baby item you buy, the first talks of your baby shower, the first time family and friends see your bump, and eventually the first time your baby kicks. 
However, 2020 has changed a lot of these moments for us first time moms.

To be honest, I've had some pretty hard moments throughout this pandemic pregnancy. Did I think I would be social distancing from my mom and sisters at such an exciting time? 
That the only way for them to see my growing bump was through text or FaceTime?
That I would be going to every doctor appointment alone- even the monumental ones?
That I would be out of work for months, or the stress that comes with being with an essential worker?
Even having to rethink all the plans for my baby shower?

At the end of the day, does any of THAT stuff really matter? No.
I'm healthy, baby is healthy, and my loved ones are as well. On top of so many other blessings we've received throughout this time that may not have been given if things were different. God had a plan, and knew what he was doing when he made me pandemically pregnant!

Quarantine has given us a new outlook on things.
For me personally, it has allowed me to connect with the peace and beauty that is my growing baby and body. A new appreciation for my family and friends and the ways they've helped keep the "first time mom" excitement alive. Time to reconnect with hobbies that calm my mind. An opportunity to organize and prep for the baby in ways I would have told myself I was "too tired" or "too busy" to do otherwise. I've even started cooking/baking, which is something I RARELY did (Donovan says it's my motherly instincts kicking in).

This time has also helped build and strengthen the relationships most important to me, while finding new ways to connect and share these special moments. For instance, going to doctor appointments alone allows me to video the ultrasounds- something we probably would have not thought of doing before. I now have pictures and videos of our baby moving inside me, and a way to experience that moment with loved ones. It truly makes it much more magical!

So, was I down and in my feelings in the beginning? Yes (crazy times and pregnant hormones aren't the greatest combo).
[but] Honestly I couldn't be more happy to become a mom! From every little kick, poke, movement, even craving, this baby already brings so much delight and excitement to each of my days. This might not be the pregnancy any of us first time moms envisioned, but it truly is such a joyous and blessed time for us to cherish and enjoy!

April - May - June

May - June

I can't believe that I'm in the final stretch of baking my baby! It seems like not too long ago I was looking at my little bloated belly envisioning a "real" baby bump!

Despite the crazy times we're in, I thank you for letting me share a different type of crazy time in my life. There's honestly soo many more things I've been working on to share, and my hope is that these post bring some light and love to whoever wants to experience (or going through) it with me.

Moms are strong, but quarantine mommas might be even stronger!

Monday, March 16, 2020


I'm back with some new favorites from Femme Luxe!

I'm fortunate enough to have this partnership with Femme Luxe Finery, and wanted to showcase the clothes I receive in a little different way than my previous posts. 

Soo, I thought why not make it a monthly (maybe bi-weekly) thing where I show you the recent pieces I'm loving, and how I style a few of them!

"Mesh puff sleeve top in Kynlee"

This style of top has been on my radar, and with spring right around the corner (rumor has it the groundhog didn't see his shadow) I thought now would be the perfect time to get it!
The mesh sleeves bring an elegant transitional element, making it the perfect from winter to spring, or from day to night top. While the overall structure and front clasps give that trendy milk maid vibe. Dress it up, or dress it down, it's a super cute top that's not going out of style anytime soon!

"Black long sleeve crew crop top in Scarlett"

I know what you're thinking, another black piece of clothing?! But honestly, you can never have too many. I love basic pieces like this because they're literally so easy to throw on with any type of outfit! Pair it with sweats or leggings for a casual, chill day, or your favorite high-waisted black jeans for a night out.

**These last two dresses I was super stoked about receiving but the way the current weather is set up, haven't been able to give them a night out of the closet. I'm going to insert pictures from Femme Luxe's website, and my own images will be up on Instagram soon!**

"Black sparkly glitter bardot bodycon mini dress in Madison"

I think this dress is perfect for party season, or a glitzy night out! What drew me in was the fun frill hem on the sleeves, and the way the glitter danced around the dress. I can't wait until I have the perfect occasion to give this baby the lime light it deserves!

"Brown leopard print satin bodycon mini dress in Annabel"

To me, leopard print is a neutral; so naturally I had to add this dress to my ever-growing collection. Having other style elements I love like the corset detail on the bust, the satin material, and the slim but not restricting fit. Pair with heels for date night, or sneakers and a cute denim jacket for a summer day of activities!

shop the pieces here;

p u f f  s l e e v e  t o p

c r o p  t o p

g l i t t e r  m i n i  d r e s s

c o r s e t  d r e s s

Be sure to check out some other essentials such as;

Friday, February 14, 2020

Last minute things to do this Valentines Day

If you're anything like me and find yourself waiting until the last minute to make Valentines plans, I've got you covered! 
Whether you're spending the day with your boo, your besties, your family, or treating yourself, I've put together some fun ideas. After all, fancy dinners are nice, but why not add some spice to the sugar in your life!

💗 Visit an arcade bar:
There's plenty of these here in Dallas that have an array of old school games and local drinks. Channel your competitive side, and see who's the real champ at ski ball, or DDR!

💗 Walk around a museum:
Find a free exhibit and give each other your best interpretation of what's really happening in the paintings.

💗 Have a pamper day:
Nails, massages, blow-outs.. do I really need to say more?!

💗 Make your own succulent at a Plant Bar:
Like build a bear, but with plants! These trendy botanics will add the perfect touch to your living room, plus you'll have fun seeing what creations everyone comes up with.

💗 Book a fancy weekend staycation:
How often do you spontaneously stay in a hotel, or view your city through the eyes of a tourist? Book a night (or two) in that hotel you've never had a reason to stay in, browse local shops, try the new restaurant that just opened downtown, and just enjoy your city with someone you love!

💗 Go roller skating:
Kick it back old school and see if you still have skills on four wheels! Go all out with knee socks, shorts, and a classic graphic tee. If you're lucky, you may even hear some pop tunes from your youth under the disco lights!

💗 Go to the movies:
Skip the fancy dinner and splurge on popcorn and movie snacks!

💗 Have an old-fashioned slumber party:
When all else fails, grab your besties, snacks, favorite pj's, and lot's of cheesy rom-com movies!

I hope this little guide helps if you're still at odds about your Valentine's plans. 
No matter what you end up doing, as long as you're spending time with the ones you love your day will be one to remember!