Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tuesdays Tips; Victorious Vaseline!

Vaseline is another one of those household items we all own but never truly utilize. Sure, the Vaseline sits in our medicine cabinets and occasionally we use it to relieve dry elbows, cracked heels, or chapped lips, but there are SO many more uncommon beauty related uses out there!

Meet your new best friend, this travel-sized Vaseline! He is the perfect size to throw in your purse, cute enough to display on your vanity or bathroom counter, and perfect for my two favorite tricks. 

The first beauty hack I can't believe I used to live without is applying Vaseline to help remove stubborn eyelash glue! It seems like no matter how much eye makeup remover you use, there's always small stubborn pieces of glue that don't want to come off. Rub a little Vaseline on those stubborn pieces and watch it break up the leftover adhesive and glide right off your lash line! This trick works on your falsies as well. 

Apply a generous amount to the band of your false lashes, careful not to get too much on the actual lash and watch how the lash glue comes off with ease! 

Doing this beauty hack will not only aide in the removal of your lashes, but condition your natural lashes, and prolong the usage of your falsies as well!


My second favorite Vaseline trick is the main reason I keep this little guy in my purse. Applying Vaseline to your wrist and behind the ears will help to extend the life of your fragrance! Before leaving the house, or even throughout the day, I will rub a small amount of Vaseline on any pulse points (wrist, behind the ears, fold of elbows, etc) before spritzing on my perfume. The fragrance clings to the Vaseline vs your skin helping to prolong the scent, for fragrance wears better on moisturized skin.

*The cocoa butter scent does not alter scent of the fragrance, you can choose to use unscented/original Vaseline if you prefer.

*products seen:
GIVENCHY: Hot Couture

*nails: L'oreal - Mauvelous 320

Monday, August 18, 2014

Body Glow; DIY Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are a great beauty feature most people, including myself tend to neglect. That is until you look at your skin and notice unusual dry spots, or how rough your elbows have become. If you think about it, we exfoliate our face anywhere from 1 - 3 times a week to remove dead skin and improve cell turnover, so why wouldn't we be doing this to our bodies as well?

Summertime can be just as harmful to our skin as the winter months. Skin can become dry or damaged from all the time spent at the pool or outside activities. Not to worry, I have created five easy body scrubs that will not only take your skin from glum to glow, but that you can make from items you probably already have in your kitchen pantry!


Coffee Coconut Sugar Scrub:

Coffee is basically a natural skin tightener. Coffee absorbs and helps remove liquid fat from skin through an increase in circulation. This "caffeine boost" helps to decrease the appearance of cellulite. 

11/2 cup Ground Coffee 
(I used my leftover grounds from my morning pot)
1/2 cup Cane Sugar
1/4 cup Coconut Oil
1 tsp Vanilla Extract 

When combining ingredients be careful not to over mix, for this can dissolve all of the sugar and there will be no grit to your scrub.


Vanilla Coconut Salt Scrub:

Coconut oil can literally be used for almost anything! It not only gives skin instant hydration, but it retains moisture for long periods of time, helping to keep skin hydrated for hours. Coconut oil is also rich in vitamin E. This ingredient helps to smooth skin, repair daily wear and tear, and diminish the appearance of stretch marks. Finally, coconut oil is high in antioxidants, making it a great product for anti-aging.

1 cup Sea Salt
1/2 cup Coconut Oil
1/2 tbsp Vanilla Extract
1 tbsp Honey

Because this scrub contains salt vs sugar it is more abrasive. Be cautious if you have sensitive skin, for it can irritate or cause redness.


Brown Sugar Honey Body Scrub:

Brown Sugar contains glycolic acid and AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids), these help to improve cell turnover. Brown sugar is also a natural humectant, meaning it retains moisture keeping skin glowing and youthful. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) contains vitamins A & E protecting skin against free radicals. EVOO is also super moisturizing, giving skin a beautiful glow. 

1 cup Brown Sugar
1/4 cup EVOO
1 - 2 tsp Honey

Brown sugar is the most gentle of all sugars, making it perfect for more sensitive skin or anyone who wants a less gritty scrub. 


Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub:

Pumpkin is an ingredient I feel we overlook when it comes to skincare. Pumpkin is full of vitamins C, E & A, as well as AHA's. These ingredients aide in the removal of dead skin, and improving skins overall appearance and texture. Pumpkin is also rich in anti-aging fatty acids, and is great for moisturizing the skin.

1/2 cup Organic Puree Pumpkin
1 cup Brown Sugar
1 cup Cane Sugar
1 tbsp EVOO
1 tbsp Honey
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
Pinch of Cinnamon
*be cautious when using cinnamon for too much can irritate skin.


Tropical Sugar Salt Scrub:

Pineapple serves more purpose than just adding a nice scent to your body scrub. Pineapple is not only high in vitamin C making it great for protecting your skin against wrinkles, but is a natural chemical exfoliant as well. Meaning, the pineapple basically does the work itself. Whether or not you physically scrubbed this scrub, the pineapple would still help to remove skin build up, and overall appearance. 

1 cup Cane Sugar
1/2 Sea Salt
1/4 cup Coconut Oil
1/4 cup Pineapple Juice
A few drops of blue food coloring


To get the most life out of your scrubs, store them in the refrigerator in air tight containers. Just be sure to take them out 10-15 minutes before showering so they can soften. 

Body scrubs not only have to be fun for you, these make great gifts as well! You can customize with different scents or natural oils, and really put your own personal touch on each of them. The possibilities are truly endless!

Now who's ready for a shower?! 

*nails: OPI - You're such a Budapest 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


We have to agree, Kylie Jenner's lips have been the talk of the season. From lip injection rumors, to discovering her signature shade, everyone has been obsessed with this teens plump pout!

While it has been said that Kylie allegedly uses MAC's- Whirl for her 90's inspired pout, I am pleased to tell you that I have found the perfect Kylie Kolor for almost half the price! You read that right; not only was I able to avoid mixing and purchasing a million different lip products, but I found a dupe for under TEN DOLLARS! All you divas ballin' on a budget can rock the most sought after lip too!  

Before getting started, I recommend two key products to help perfect your plump pout. 

First being a lip exfoliator. When wearing a matte lip (like Kylie always rocks), it is so important to have a clean smooth surface, for matte colors tend to show any signs of dryness. My favorite is Fresh's Sugar Lip Polish. This treatment is enriched with real brown sugar crystals that gently buff away dry flakes, while nourishing your lips with jojoba seed and other natural oils. 

The next step is to plump our lips. My favorite brand of lip plumbers is Fusion Beauty. I have used their products for many years now, and with continuous use always see results. Fusion Beauty's lip plumbers use dehydrated marine collagen spheres and our lips natural moisture to plump and smooth out lips. Results can last up to 24 hours, perfect for achieving Kylie's signature pouty look. 

Now on to the Lip Kolor! 

I first lined my lips with the color Mauve, slightly overdrawing my top lip. Then I proceeded to lightly fill in my lips with this color. To top off the look, I used the soft matte lip cream in the color Cannes. 

Kylie's main focus is always on her lashes and lips, so for this look I wanted to keep my other features simple while still embodying that effortlessly cool 90's vibe. By using warm, terra cotta and mauve tones on the eyes and face, I was able to compliment the lip shade without overpowering it. 

*products used:

TOO FACED: Shadow Insurance
MUFE: Aqua Liner - 1C
URBAN DECAY: Crave (to smoke out liner)
NYX: Wonder Pencil- Light
NYX: Eyebrow Powder- Dark Brown
URBAN DECAY: Fawn & Limit (lower lash line)
MUFE: Smoky Extravagant 
KISS Lashes (I don't know the number)

SMASHBOX: Hydrating Primer
BENEFIT: Girl Meets Pearl mixed with REVLON: Colorstay Whipped
MAC: Prolongwear Concealer
MAC: Prep & Prime- Light Boost
ANASTASIA BH: Fawn & Havana
BH COSMETICS: 10 Color Blush Palette- Brown shades
NYX: Rituel

NYX: 831 Mauve
NYX: Cannes

*nails- SINFUL COLORS: Black on Black

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tuesdays Tips; Baby Powder Beauty Hack

Let me first start off by saying that I am fully aware this post is not going up on a Tuesday. Yesterday was my Mom's birthday, and sometimes things don't get finished in time, and you have to sacrifice those things for more important things. So here I am, on a Wednesday, coming out of a cake coma, with your next Tuesday Tip!

I feel like baby powder is one of those household products we all own, but never fully utilize- until now! You probably know the common uses such as, sprinkling some in your sneakers or flats to prevent sweaty feet, or helping to absorb our bodies natural oils. I however, have used baby powder for many many years for a different need, dry shampoo! We've all been there, thinking our hair could stand one more day of not washing, to wake up looking like we spent the night inside a deep fryer. Not to worry, sprinkle some baby powder on your roots (or any oily areas), wait a few minutes for your hair to absorb the powder, and gently brush away the excess.
Take your tresses from greasy to glam!

*photos were taken the same day*

This step is optional, but before brushing out the powder I like to massage my root area. Not only does this help the baby powder absorb more quickly, but adds extra volume to my hair as well. I'm a person who typically only washes my hair once or twice a week, so this little beauty hack really saves my life!

*Bonus Tip: Take your curls from tight to tousled by running some baby powder through them once they have cooled. The powder will act as a texturizing spray, helping to separate and provide a more beachy feel! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Makeover Monday

Let's revisit the joys of makeover Monday, shall we. Like I've said before, it is a day to showcase how makeup can enhance one's own beauty. Call it superficial, but I'll call it facts. Makeup embellishes your features, makeup utilizes your imagination, and most of all, makeup makes you feel good. Do I feel beautiful bare-faced? Sure. But this isn't about me, this is about you, and if putting on a full face of glam makes you feel like a million bucks then 
shine on baby girl! 

For this look I used my beautiful mother. A local non-profit corporation Alley's House, that empowers teen mothers and their children (where she volunteers), wanted to feature her, for she raised 3 out of 4 of us kids as a single mother. This feature was going to be filmed, so of course we had to turn up the glam!

We wanted to keep the focus on her eyes, using products to bring out the color, as well as making them pop on screen. Mom requested some effortless depth and definition to her face and brows, but did not want it to compete with the rest of the look. 
Despite others who try to put an age limit on the use of highlighters, I believe you're never to "old", or young for a gorgeous glow. Of course, there are some skin types that favor certain types of highlighters over others, but the right highlighter gives skin a more youthful appearance, and c'mon no one will say no to that!
I'll say it again, makeup makes you feel good. Makeup boosts the confidence we all have within us. Mom knew before all the makeup she was capable of giving a stellar interview, but once the look was complete her spirit was shining through, and that's the best kind of glam we can wear!

*products used:

KORRES: Quercetin & Oak Primer
REVLON: Colorstay Cream Foundation
MAC: Pro Longwear Concealer
MUFE: HD Translucent Powder
ANASTASIA BH: Banana & Vanilla (to highlight & set undereye)
ANATASIA BH: Fawn & Havana (to warm up skin & contour)
MAC: Jolly Good- Kelly Osbourne Collection
ANASTASIA BH: Sand & NYX: Illuminator- Rituel (mixed to highlight)

TOO FACED: Shadow Insurance
LORAC: Smokin'
MAC: Damson
MAC: Transculent Olive Shade (name has faded off back)
NARS: Kilimanjaro
WET N WILD: Black Cream Liner
MAYBELLINE: Rocket Volume
LOREAL: Voluminous
SMASHBOX: Limitless Waterproof Brows- Dark Brown

MAC: Blankety

*For more info and how you can get involved with Alley's House, here

Friday, August 1, 2014

Get Ready with Me; What's in my Night Out Clutch!

Last night the gang and I were going out to celebrate Valerie's birthday- another great reason to do a what's in my bag post, right?! I sometimes feel that packing your bag for a night out is harder than picking out a fabulous outfit. You never want to over pack and bring unnecessary items, but at the same time you don't want to leave something at home you may potentially need. Nonetheless, I believe I put together the perfect combinations of night out items!


Chanel Compact: Let's be real, lighting in the bar/club is awful, and if you're anything like me reapplying your lipgloss is something you do multiple times throughout the night. A compact mirror is a must! This is an old eyeshadow compact, but the mirror is so great I just can't part with it.

Bobby Pins: Clubs can get hot and stringy hair never looks cute on instagram. I carry these babies for reassurance. Who knows, you may have to switch up the do!

NYX Blotting Papers: One advantgae to being a dry skinned diva is not having to worry about my makeup melting off. Again, it's sometimes hot in crowded clubs and these little guys come in handy. Plus, Valerie IS oily and I gotta look out for the birthday girl!

Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer: Because you never know where the places, or people you touch throughout the night have been.

Givenchy, Hot Couture: This fragrance is like an instant, sexy confidence boost. Apply this and no one, or thing will bring you down all night! 

MUFE, Mist & Fix: Not only does this product lock in your makeup for 12 hours, but it provides ample hydration as well. You and your makeup will stay fabulous and glowy all night!

Iphone: Selfies, Usies, and snapchats, we can't leave home without this. I believe everyone should live in the moment, but it is nice to capture those moments as well. A cute phone case is your best accessory these days too! 

ID/ Cash/ Card: Because without any one of these your night can go from super fun, to super dumb- real quick

Nivea, Lip Butter: Between drinks, laughs, and lipstick, lips can get dry. I love the Nivea lip butters because they're lightweight (no waxy feeling), and they give my lips a little sheen.

Lots of Lip Products: Because touchups (and pictures) will always happen.

*Not pictured* - Gum/ Mints: I ALWAYS carry some type of breath-freshner with me. You don't want to be caught chatting it up with a hottie and he meets your breath before he meets you. Always better to be safe than sorry. 

This clutch is a timeless vintage piece from my sister I sometimes forget about amongst all the other bags, but every time I bring him out I fall in love all over again!


*Vintage Clutch : similar, herehere, & here
*Marc Jacobs iphone5 Case : similar, here, & here