Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesdays Tips; Lipstain, Lipstick Duo

Introducing a new weekly series I like to call TUESDAYS TIPS! Every Tuesday I will share my favorite beauty hacks; some to help you in a bind, others to help you save time and money. Being in the cosmetic industry and a makeup junkie for many years, you come across tips and tricks that can truly make your life a little easier. 

This is like my little black book of beauty and I can't wait to reveal my secrets with you all!

How perfect is it that today is National Lipstick Day and my first tip involves lipstick?!? Hello, the beauty gods could not have sent me a bigger sign. This trick has been one of my favorites for years now, especially with the continuous craze of lip stains. Layering a light wash of a lip stain, in a similar color under your lipstick will help to prolong wear and avoid fading! Let's be honest, there is nothing worse than rocking that fabulous lipstick hue and hours later looking like a cheap chola. The lip stain will stain your lips so even as the color from the lipstick begins to wear off, you won't be left with lots of liner on top a bare lip.

Of course you could apply a heavier wash of the lip stain and just add a gloss, or wear the stains by themselves. They're beautiful either way. Personally, I find most lip stains to be a little drying, adding color with your lipstick will help to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day. Another reason to love this little tip!


While I only show some of my favorites for a brighter or darker lip, you can totally rock a gorgeous nude lip with this trick as well.

*products used/ mentioned:

orange lip;
BENEFIT - Cha Cha Tint
NYX: Lip Liner - 824 Orange
MAYBELLINE - 880 Electric Orange

purple lip;
HOURGLASS: Sheer Lip Stain - Aura
JORDANA: Lip Liner - Cabernet
MAYBELLINE - 420 Deepest Cherry

BENEFIT - Bene-Tint
NYX: Lip Liner - 839 Dolly Pink
LOREAL - 175 I Pink You're Cute
STILA: Cheek and Lip Stain - Acai Crush
GUERLAIN: Lipstick - 165

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Glow ; Kim K Inspired

Who comes to mind when you think of the perfect contour - besides me of course. No other than Kim Kardashian. Love her or hate her, Kim and her makeup artist have produced some of the most gorgeous looks, and I'll be the first to admit I look for inspiration from Kim K when I'm in one of my makeup ruts. I have been in LOVE with Kim's glam in the picture for quite some time now, and although it is an older style (created by makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic), I feel it's a timeless look you can wear any season!

To me, this look embodies everything Kim Kardashian is known for. Well, in the beauty world at least. Bronze, glowy skin, baby pink cheeks and pout, and her signature highlight and contour. I mean, would you just look at those cheekbones!  

While I could have re-created this look on myself, I wanted to stay true to the gorgeous sun-kissed glow Kim has in the picture; so I brought in my trusty muse! Although this look was inspired by Kim Kardashian, I wanted to do it in a way that still represented my style of makeup, while choosing shades and products that work best for Valerie's features and skin type. 

*products used:

SMASHBOX: Photo Finish Foundation Primer - Light
URBAN DECAY: Naked Skin Foundation
LA GIRLS: Pro Concealer - Natural & Creamy Beige
MUFE: HD Powder
Anastasia BH: Fawn & Havana to contour
Anastasia BH: Java to warm up skin
TARTE: Amazonian Clay Blush - Dollface

TOO FACED: Shadow Insurance
MAC: Soft Brown
MAC: Brown Script
LORAC: Bronze
WET N WILD: Cream Liner  - Black
URBAN DECAY: Demolition
LOREAL: Voluminous
ARDELL: Glamour 102
NYX: Eyebrow Duo - Dark Brown

GIVENCHY: Lip Liner - #9
MAC: Cream Cup
MAC: Myth
FOREVER 21: High Pigment Gloss - Nude

Monday, July 21, 2014

Travel with Me; What's in my Weekend getaway bag!

Okay, so I totally meant for this post to be up before the weekend was over, but internet connection in the country is not the best! 
As some may know, Valerie and I went on a mini road trip to West Texas to visit her family over this past weekend. Even though it was a short two-day trip it was nice to get away from everyday life for a while. I'm totally a city girl, but the vibe in the country is a nice change from the hustle and bustle in Dallas. Seeing that it was only a two day trip, I thought what better reason to put together a post about what I'm taking - beauty wise of course! While the weekend was full of lots of laughs and love, it feels good to be back home. 


Philosophy - Purity:

Not only is this guy travel size, but he is a three in one product; eliminating the amount of products I need to bring. This wash cleanses the face, helps to pH balance, and removes all of my makeup without leaving my skin feeling tight. 

Ole Henriksen - 3 Little Wonders Travel Size:
Okay, my secrets are finally being revealed! These three little products have kept my skin flawless, glowy, and moisturized for three years and counting. But more about that in another post. Long story short; 

~ The serum contains vitamin c helping to keep skin radiant while lightening, tightening, and brightening. 

~ The moisturizer (blue jar), also contains vitamin c and licorice to help brighten skin and provides ample hydration. 

~ The night serum (green jar), work with natural ingredients to gentle exfoliate skin, and helps to prevent any breakouts and/or dark spots. See why they're my holy grail?!

Mario Badescu - Eye Cream & Facial Spray
Because you can't go anywhere overnight without an eye cream, and sometimes your skin (and you) need a refreshing boost. 

Eucerin - Aquaphor:
My skin is sooo dry at times that I slather this on at night and wake up with not only diminished dry spots, but a beautiful glow as well. I tried this technique when none of my moisturizers were providing enough hydration and have been hooked ever since. And no, this products does not break me out or clog my pores.


Love these palettes! In case you are unfamiliar, the palettes come in different sizes to hold different sizes and amounts of products. They're also magnetic so you can easily mix and match different shadow pans to customize the palette however you wish.

~ Mac - Soft Brown: because it's the perfect transition color, or lazy day smokey eye shade

~ Anastasia Beverly Hills - Fawn: because you can't wear a full face of makeup without a contour

~ ABH - Vanilla: because you can't have a fabulous contour without a highlight. They're like ying & yang. 

~ ABH - Havana: this is a great color to warm up the skin, or can be used as an eyeshadow

~ ABH - Sand: because I looove a good highlight! This one is solid so it not only fits in my z palette, but I don't have to worry about it spilling all over my other products as a loose powder might.

~ Urban Decay - Naked Basics Palette & a few other eyeshadow singles:
These products are for added reassurance because let's be real, I'm an over-packer!

Benefit - Dallas: 
This is the perfect mauve/bronze shade, so it pairs beautifully with any makeup look.

Benefit - Hoola:
Because it's the perfect bronzer, duh!

These are just a few of my favorites to mix and match to create perfect - but different nude lip shades. 

~ MAC - Cream Cup
~ MAC - Blankety
~ NARS - Turkish Delight
~ NYX Butter Gloss - Eclair

* everyday makeup essentials; foundation, concealer, primers, mascaras, brushes etc. 

This travel cosmetic case from Forever 21 is fabulous. I picked it up last year for our family vacation and won't travel without it. It holds everything, including the brush case!


Now for the hard part, finding outfits in a closet full of nothing to wear!

*similiar cosmetic bag options : here & here 
*nails: OPI - I Just Can't Cope-acabana

Monday, July 14, 2014

Playful in Purple

What happens when your bestie, AKA your muse, comes over after a day of makeup shopping? A late night glam session, AKA my favorite thing!

I have been obsessed with all shades of purple this season! How fitting since Pantone named 2014 the year of Radiant Orchid. Purple makeup looks are universally flattering and lots of fun to create. You can take your look from glum to glam with just a pop of purple, or a full on smokey eye! Being such a neutral toned makeup lover - personally, I tend to forget how fun it is to dabble in color and just let my creativity take over. This night, I decided to dig through my black hole of makeup and use colors I typically forget about. Thankfully I have Valerie to let me experiment with these products, and it's just a bonus that purple is one of my favorite colors on her! 

I wanted this look to be fun and whimsical, while still being wearable for the everyday makeup lover. The best part, my silk robe became the perfect accessory. 

*products used:

SMASHBOX: Light Foundation Primer
MUFE: HD Powder
ANATASIA BH: Fawn & Havana
BH COSMETICS: 10 color blush palette- pink shades
SEPHORA: Light Beam
MORPHE BRUSHES 28F PALETTE: Iridescent shade to hightlight 

TOO FACED: Shadow Insurance
MORPHE BRUSHES 28F PALETTE: Purple, Pink, Blue, & Iridescent shades
LORAC: Au Naturel
WET N WILD: Black Cream Liner
SMASHBOX: Limitless Waterproof Brow Definer
KISS LASHES: Beyond Naturale 02
LOREAL: Voluminous

OCC LIP TAR: Hoochie
MAC VIVA GLAM: Nicki 2- Lipglass 

Saturday, July 12, 2014


da ba dee da ba die...

I apologize for my lack of makeup looks lately, I'm just going to come out and say that it was my hair's fault! Every year around this time I get the urge to switch up my hair and a few months ago I started my transition to lighter locks. Let's just say that transition was never complete! It was back to dark side once again. *evil laughs* 
Blue black was something I wanted to try for a while, but because my hair was sooo black and my roots are soo blonde (yes, I'm naturally a blonde)I was always wary of the out come. Considering my hair was already a few shades lighter, I decided to go for and I'm SO happy I did!! I'm loving the way the sun perfectly catches the hints of blue, and how it overall differs from basic jet black.

Finally felling like myself, I looked through my makeup drawers and decided to use my new blue hue as inspiration. 9 times out of 10 my go-to makeup look is neutral toned, so adding some color in the mix was a fun change!

*products used:
TOO FACED: Shadow Insurance
MORPHE BRUSHES 28F Palette: Blues and Iridescent shade
LORAC: Sapphire
LORAC: Starlight
LORAC: Au Naturel
WET N WILD: Black Cream Liner
LOREAL: Voluminous
MAYBELLINE: Classic Volume Express
ARDELL: Glamour 102
SMASHBOX: Limitless Waterproof Brows - Dark Brown
SMASHBOX: Hydrating Primer
REVLON: Colorstay Whipped Foundation
MAC: Prolongwear Concealer
MUFE: HD Translucent Powder 
ANATASIA BH: Vanilla & Fawn
RIMMEL LIP LINER: Innocent 032
MAC: Myth

Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Beginnings

As some of you may know, I recently quit my job. It was a big decision since I really did not have a "what next" figured out. I knew I wanted to solely concentrate on my makeup and getting my business finally up and running. Being a makeup artist is always something I thought- dreamed of doing, but never fully pursued because something was always in my way. That something was myself. It is going on five years that I have been in this on again off again relationship with my dreams, repeatedly pushing my makeup artistry on the back burner for a higher pay guaranteed type of job. Sure, I've had the occasional freelance jobs and while they always reminded me of how much I love this industry, I continued to get in my own way. I will be the first to say that no matter how much money you bring in every month, if it's not by doing what you love then that money will never truly satisfy you. While I would love to sit here and tell you I'm fortunate enough to never return to the work force, I'm not. I have bills to pay and more makeup to buy! But I can tell you I'm living for myself again. Ignoring all the thoughts, reasons, and people who try to tell me why I shouldn't do this; why I should get a "real job", and why it was a mistake to quit a job where I had a steady income. 

I will say, waking up every morning and being able to pursue a career in something I love is an awesome feeling money will never be able to buy. 

“Nobody is going to come and save you. You’ve got to save yourself. Nobody is going to give you anything. You’ve got to go out and fight for it. Nobody knows what you want except you, and nobody will be as sorry as you if you don’t get it. So don’t give up on your dreams.”

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How I clean my Beauty Blenders

Let's be real, everyone loves Beauty Blenders! They are a staple in all makeup artist kits and beauty lovers collections. However, we all know they tend to get a little on the funky side; and if you're anything like me finding a dupe for the corresponding cleanser is something you try first. I have experimented with baby soap, with dish soap and olive oil- and while I wish I could tell you one of them worked, unfortunately they didn't. I am here to tell you it's totally worth the splurge purchasing the Beauty Blender cleanser. Personally I prefer the solid, but its absolutely up to you.

Here's a quick pictorial on how I currently clean my Beauty Blenders:
*with proper care, Beauty Blenders can last anywhere from 4-6 months*


Dampen Beauty Blender in lukewarm water.


Saturate Beauty Blender in cleanser, concentrating on soiled areas.


Rinse, kneading and massaging sponge until water runs clear.
*repeat steps two & three until BB returns to original color*


After cleansing, wrap Beauty Blenders in towel and squeeze to remove any excess water. 
Lay flat to dry.

*My Pink Beauty Blender is stained because it was the guinea pig for all my experimental cleaning - still works perfectly!*